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Promotion & Placements Office

The Promotion & External Linkages Office

The Promotion & external linkages office is committed for the job placements, student development and creating linkages with external world (both academic and professional).

Promotions office is involved in various activities, that is, from organizing a diverse set of events (both academic and co-curricular) to conducting academic marketing at various forums, we have been actively playing a role in generating a palpable image of the institution among the civic community and the corporate world.

Promotion office also has been representing University of Central Punjab at various national and international promotional platforms. We publish newsletter quarterly in which we gather and share all the happening events details with the external world, giving them a glimpse about UCP. Promotions office is also involved in managing all social media networks on facebook in which we keep everyone updated regarding all the latest updates.


The Placement Office

The Placement Office works to facilitate full time employment and internships for UCP students and alumni. The office strives to develop and maintain a relationship of mutual benefit between corporate employers and UCP which eventually benefits the students and graduates of Management Studies, Engineering, Information Technology, Commerce, Arts & Social Sciences and Pharmacy. It helps students to define their career goals and equips themselves with the skills and information necessary for a successful job search.

The Placement office seeks to complement the academic mission of the University by educating and empowering students to take ownership of their professional development as lifelong learners and to function successfully in a global society. Furthermore, the Placement Office provides programs and services that create opportunities for employers, students, faculty, and staff to engage in mutually beneficial partnerships that meet the needs of an evolving workforce. Additionally, we want all of our students to graduate with the five basic career competencies listed below:

  • Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Self Management Skills

Internal and External Placement

The Placement office comprises of the internal placement and external placements cells. The Internal Placement Cell works on fulfilling the recruitment needs of the sister concerns of Punjab Group of Colleges with the highly trained and qualified graduates of our own institution. The enormously expanding body of PGC provides limitless opportunities to the graduates wishing to step into organizations that are leading in their own domain. The External Placement Cell strives to ensure the smooth and secure transition of our students and graduates from academics into the professional arena. It arranges activities like career counseling, grooming workshops and manages the campus career portal and liaison account.

Career Counseling and Corporate Grooming

This office conducts one-on-one career counseling and mock interview sessions, CV-building and Corporate Grooming workshops for graduating students. The purpose is to make sure that our graduates have the required interpersonal skills before they face the corporate world.

Campus Career Portal Initiative

With the Campus Career Portal Initiative employers can avail a number of resources to post their job openings and search for graduates with the skills required for the particular job. This initiative has its own website and Facebook page. The services offered by the cell enable access to information and opportunities and acts as a window to reach out to UCP students and vice-versa. The Campus Career Portal Facebook page serves as a platform for companies to directly inform graduates about the employment options within their organizations, which currently benefits more than 5,000 UCP students and alumni.

Liaison @

The liaison account is a useful tool for both job/ internship seeking students and employers who seek to fulfill their recruitment needs. The liaison account keeps a database of CV’s to forward to potential employers and disseminates information regarding vacancies in organizations amongst students and alumni.

Job Fairs and On Campus Recruitment

The Placement office arranges annual job fairs in which top national and multinational organizations participate. It also supports and assists organizations in holding corporate profile presentations, on-campus employer visits and recruitment interviews/ tests.

Corporate Linkages

The Placement office has established relations with different corporations and organizations for the purpose of mutual benefit. Meetings with Executives from prominent groups and companies are held on campus which also gives UCP valuable feedback on the requirements of the industry and of the skills that they expect from our graduates.



Promotion &
Placements Office