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Counselling center at UCP
Academics skills development
Student Counseling Services

Student Counseling Services

Student Counselling Services promotes student success through

  • Individual counseling
  • Consultation to enrolled UCP students

Our Mission

In keeping with the mission of University of Central Punjab, the Counselling Center seeks to create and endurable campus environment that supports the universal development of each student and contributes to their finest academic success by facilitating and supporting identity development, community responsibility, health and wellness and multicultural awareness. The mission of the counselling center is to amplify students’ complete educational experiences by providing such supportive environment where students’ concerns can be shared and reconnoitred. The center’s services assist students with their personal development and enhance their potential for academic success.

The Counselling Center seeks to support the University’s primary mission of helping students become healthier, informed, alert and steadfast scholars.


The purpose of the Counselling Center is to provide mental health services to the university students, while considering the following matters.

  • Empower students’ personal growth as they make decisions and undertake responsibilities for their own lives within a university campus.
  • Assist students to advance new strategies in order to resolve problems and to develop operative behaviours in order to cope with stressors of life.
  • Provide anticipatory and educational programs in zones that encourage students’ mental health such as interpersonal communication skills along with self-esteem and relationship issues.
  • Provide the students with more thorough psychological concerns through supportive counselling, management and recommendation.
  • Offer consultation support to students who are in psychological distress.
Counseling Center at UCP

The psychologists and mental health experts provide brief counseling, assessment, referral, and crisis intervention services to currently enrolled University of Central Punjab students. There is no charge for our services. The Counseling Center is here to help students make their university experience better and enjoyable, both personally and academically. 


The Counselling center offers counselling, support resources, referrals to private set ups and discussion groups to help students gain the skills and insights they need so that they can overcome adversities and flourish in their lives. Any student who has any concern they would like to discuss is welcome. Students can come to the Counselling center with concerns about their relationships, behaviours, their health, moods, traumas, motivation, stressors, or making life decisions. Meeting with a clinician will give the students a chance to explore their hopes and fears. They can determine possible developments of action or discipline in a respectful and a confidential setting. 

Whatever the concerns are,  a confidential conversation with a clinician would be a good place to start with. A clinician can help in sorting out situations and feelings, options, and resources that might be of great benefit to the students. A clinician can definitely help in locating and connecting with greatly suitable, inexpensive, available resources off campus, if the students require further support.

Academic Skills Development

What is Academic Counseling

Academic counselling deals in giving opportunity to students sit down individually with a clinician or a counsellor who specializes in helping students to improve their academic performance. Students’ specific academic concerns are discussed and they are offered suggestions on strategies to improve academic performance, or any other issues interfering with academic performance.

Who gets Benefits From Academic Counseling?

Any student who wants to improve their academic performance can benefit from academic counselling. UCP clinicians serve the complete range of students from first semester undergraduates to students who are working on dissertations, who have very good GPA's and those students who are on academic trials or probation.

Benefits a student can experience as a result of Academic counselling:

  • Increase in motivation level to complete academic work
  • Better time management skills
  • Dealing with test anxiety
  • Working on procrastination
  • Learning and strenghthing test preparation strategies
  • Better test performance and grades

Location: New Building, 2nd Floor, next to Psychology lab, University of Central Punjab
Incharge: Dr. Shazia Hasan (Head of Psychology Department)
Senior Coordinator: Dr. Urooj Sadiq (Assistant Professor, Psychology Department) Phone:92-42-35880007 Ext: 194
Coordinators: Ms. Rabia Yasmeen (research associate) Phone:92-42-35880007 Ext: 548
                         Ms. Lubna (Psychology lab attendant) Phone:92-42-35880007 Ext:433