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The University of Central Punjab has a full-service library on campus to serve the study and research needs of its students and faculty members. The Library stocks over 27,000 books and over 3,000 CDs. In addition, the Higher Education Commission has given our campus access to 12,000 online, full-text journals, international databases, and other material published online worldwide. These invaluable research materials may be accessed by all of our students, even from their home computers.

Library is fully automated and its collection can be searched online from library's website ( In addition to books, UCP library has more than 45,000 digital books.

Library provides access to about 40 online scholarly databases to meet the needs of researchers. Moreover, it has subscriptions to more than 40 print journals and 16 newspapers. Multimedia Section has a collection of renowned documentaries, lectures and educational films. In addition to routine operations, the library also offers Ask a Librarian, Content Alert, Electronic Document Delivery, Anti Plagiarism and Citation Services.

It is a fully user-centered and research-oriented library with peaceful learning environment.

IT Infrastructure

The University of Central Punjab provides a pervading learning environment through its meticulously planned IT infrastructure. The academic experience of students is supported through extensive lab setup which includes 8 Teaching, 3 General and 1 Research Lab that are equipped with latest computers from DELL, HP, Sun, Apple and IBM . Altogether these labs offer seating capacity of 900 students. Unsurpassed computing facilities are complemented with free printing, uninterrupted power supply, high bandwidth internet access and WiFi Hotspots to complete the "always connected" experience. Information Technology infrastructure is backed by highly professional IT Support Department which guarantees minimal downtime and speedy solutions.


Transport facility is provided to students on nominal monthly charges. A shuttle service between the University of Central Punjab campus and the prescribed routes run every hour. In addition to this service, buses transport students from various locations of Lahore to and from the UCP campus.

Swimming Pool and Gym

To provide a healthy environment to the students, a Swimming Pool and a state of the art Gym are available to students for sports and physical activities, for males and females separately.


A two storied cafe serves quality food in a hygienic environment to students from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm daily.

UCP Food Street

Situated inside the campus, Food Street offers various traditional foods such as BBQ'halwapurir, 'chaat'dahi-baray','gol-gappay; fresh juices and shakes.

Good Times Cafe

This contemporary cafe offers a friendly and relaxing ambience. The menu consists of a variety of snacks, coffee and other beverages. It is a great place to hang out with friends.

Prayer Area

To cater for the spiritual well-being of the male and female students, separate arrangements for prayers are made on the Campus.


Covered Basement Parking facility to Students and staff is provided on Campus.

Campus Life