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Introduction to Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FA&SS)

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) was established in 2009. FASS not only teaches degree programs at graduate and undergraduate level in arts and humanities, but also provides support across faculties in teaching languages and humanities courses.

A conscious effort is made to make curriculum taught in various programs contemporary and at the same time challenging in order to foster a spirit of critical inquiry, an urge to discover, learn and reflect on issues facing humanity perennially. Although study of liberal arts and social sciences is given a lot of importance in higher education all over the world, but students in Pakistan are usually confused about earning a degree in arts and social sciences subjects. They think that a degree in social sciences hampers their job prospects and does not develop skills and attitudes needed for success in professional paths they choose in their lives. To dispel such misconceptions, we have devised curriculum which is contemporary in course selection and learning environment which is interactive and robust. This ensures that students acquire well developed communication and interpretive skills, a habit for independent thinking, and a sense of personal and professional responsibility which employers seek in candidates in today's job market.

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences currently runs four departments, Department of Islamic Studies, Department of Psychology, Department of Economics and Department of English.
To broaden the sphere of studies and program offerings, FASS has recently added Dept. of Economics, Department of English, and Dept. of Psychology; all offer BS (Honors) and MS degrees in their respective subjects. A number of majors and minors are offered to cater to diverse interests and professional ambitions of students. Students are allowed to choose courses and devise combinations of majors and minors which are most relevant to them, while still enjoying a degree which falls under HEC guidelines.

We invite you to come and meet our faculty and students in the department. You will be happy that you have made a right choice to study in a program that gives you the opportunity to reflect upon and discuss issues that are of great importance not just to Pakistan, but to the rest of the world as well. You can do so much with this degree. Whether you choose to make a career in media, civil services, NGOs, education, business and industry etc., or you choose to go for higher studies, your choices are limitless with a degree in social sciences.