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Introduction to FOE

Faculty of Engineering was established in the University of Central Punjab in 2003 in order to meet the short and long term requirements of industrial/commercial organizations of Pakistan for graduates in Electrical Engineering. Subsequent to the decision of the Board of Governors for starting the discipline of Electrical Engineering, the University improved its infrastructure in accordance with the Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) guidelines and developed purpose built Classrooms, Library, Laboratories, and allied facilities. It commenced offering degree program in Electrical Engineering with elective tracks in Electronics Engineering, Telecommunication Engineering and Computer Engineering w.e.f. September 2003, when the 1st batch of students was admitted. Pakistan Engineering Council accredited the program vide No. PEC/EA & QEC/UCP-L/2006 dated 12.06.06.

As per First Schedule of PEC, (SRO 237(I)-2012) B.Sc. Electrical Engineering program of UCP is accredited from Intake of Batch Fall 2003 to Batch Fall 2008. For more information please visit: www.pec.gov.pk.

Since 2008 the elective tracks have been altered to cater to the market needs.

Five batches of students have so far graduated from the faculty. Numbers of graduates in each batch are listed below.

Batch No. No. of Gratuates
Fall 2003 40
Fall 2004 62
Fall 2005 87
Fall 2006 87
Fall 2007 91
Total: 367

The faculty continues to provide best possible facilities to its students in order to train them to become highly productive electrical engineers and as a result our graduates have been well received in the job market and  good number have also proceeded overseas for higher studies and jobs.