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Introduction to FOE
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Introduction to FOE

Faculty of Engineering which now comprises three departments, i.e., Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering aspires to produce highly productive engineers by providing the best possible academic facilities and environment. The Faculty has developed its infrastructure in accordance with the guidelines of Pakistan Engineering Council because of which the students are exposed to regularly upgraded laboratories, well stocked libraries, classrooms with modern teaching aids to introduce them to the most recent analytical techniques and technological developments in their fields. Students have many opportunities to associate with outstanding faculty which is actively engaged in a number of professional activities.

Electrical Engineering program has been accredited by the Pakistan Engineering Council up to Batch 09. The accreditation Visit by PEC for the B.Sc. (EE) Batch 10 is due shortly. For verification refer to the PEC- website. (www.PEC.org.pk).

Mechanical Engineering program was initiated in 2011 after getting a go-ahead signal by Pakistan Engineering Council. A purpose built block has been dedicated to engineering department which houses modern classrooms and standardized laboratories. A new fabrication and project shop has also been constructed comprising a three storey building. Currently, qualified and dedicated faculty is teaching three batches of B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering with full zeal and commitment.

Following the zero visit of Pakistan Engineering Council and its satisfactory report and approval, UCP launched B.Sc. Civil Engineering program in November 2013.

Electrical Engineering Undergraduate Program

UCP has been offering undergraduate program in Electrical Engineering since September 2003, when 1st batch of students was admitted. Seven batches of students have so far graduated from the Faculty with an accredited degree. Number of graduates in each batch is listed below.

Batch No. No. of Gratuates
Fall 2003 40
Fall 2004 62
Fall 2005 87
Fall 2006 87
Fall 2007 91
Fall 2008 121
Fall 2009 113
Total 601

Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate program of Mechanical Engineering was started after setting up of an exemplary infrastructure and laboratories. A well thought out scheme of studies is designed to cater to the current market and industrial needs. Laboratories and workshops are fully functional to enhance learning, practical understanding and skills. PEC accreditation visit is due shortly.

Civil Engineering Undergraduate Program

A newly constructed building with classrooms, faculty offices and the state of the art laboratories dedicated to civil engineering has been made functional. This building has four stories and is equipped with the labs mentioned below:

  • Engineering Materials Lab
  • Hydraulics Engineering Lab
  • Structural Mechanics Lab
  • Geotechnical Engineering Lab
  • Environmental Engineering Lab
  • Transportation Engineering Lab
  • Survey Stores

Qualified and experienced faculty has been hired to ensure the best transfer of knowledge to our young students in order to make them skillful engineers. The scheme of studies has been developed after thorough considerations with the objective of strengthening every basic aspect of engineering which will be an asset to our graduates when they go to the industry.

Status of Program Accreditation by Pakistan Engineering Council

Sr# Program (B.Sc.) Accreditation Status
1 Electrical Engineering Accreditation for Batches 2003 - 2011
2 Mechanical Engineering Accreditation is granted  for Batch 2011
3 Civil Engineering Interim Visit Held on May 23, 2015