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Humans in their quest for progress have reached a stage where they have the intellectual and technological means to destroy life on earth in multiple ways and at the same time have the means to make life on earth a paradise.

The problems of pollution and wastages are transforming the goodness of life into sludge and smog, therefore choking the natural environment, the human habitats and the technological development which is increasing the cost of production and lifestyles rather than reducing it.

In today’s world Universities are the engines of ideas and thoughts to find and devise ways to combine human progress with cleaner environment.

University Of Central Punjab, through its societies aims at achieving quality for its students and their productivity in the society.

EPS UCP is a society that deals with human and natural environment and aims at using the resources of the University in order to train its students and through them spearhead the society for protecting the natural, technological and human environment.

EPS UCP aims at training the students to mobilize and combine forces of progress and forces of nature for achieving a more modern, environment friendly-energy efficient and waste-minimizing society for a better present and a prosperous future.