Mission Statement
Introduction to SMCS
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Introduction to SMCS

“A media culture has emerged in which images, sounds and
spectacles helps produce the fabric of life, dominating leisure
time, shaping political views and social behavior, and
providing the materials out of which people forge their very
                Douglas kellner 1995

‘School of Media and Communication Studies has foreign
qualified leadership, prestigious Doctoral and M.Phil Programs,
state-of-the-art Centre for Training & Research (CTR) and its own
TV Channel, FM RD Station and National Newspaper’’

Prof.Mughees-uddin Sheikh
PhD, (Mass Communication) Iowa (USA),
MA (Journalism) Iowa (USA), MA (Pol. Science), PU.

Dean’s Message

The field of media and communication is expanding and developing more than it ever has. At School of Media and Communication Studies (SMCS), we combine enduring skills and values with new technologies and knowledge that are essential to flourish in the media marketplace.
As an SMCS student, you, in addition to other mainstream media, will have the chance to gain hands-on experience through our internship programs at Dunya TV and Dunya newspaper. We have also setup our radio station and in-house production house to equip you with the practical knowledge needed to be successful in the modern media world.
The quality and vitality of our degree programs remain unsurpassed, providing the foundation and opportunity for students not only to succeed, but to shape the future of journalism.

School of Media and Communication Studies (SMCS)
The diverse School of Media and Communication Studies (SMCS) not only teaches degree programs at undergraduate and graduate level in media and communication studies but also provides variety of experience outside the classroom that will help students to prepare for a career in media and communication related field.

•             To offer effective education to large number of undergraduates and graduates.
•             To assist students in becoming informed, responsible, creative, and critical

•             To enhance students’ knowledge and skill in the construction, interpretation and distribution of communication in diverse cultural and global communities.
•             To serve as a national and international leader in research and production in center of

communication specialties.
Faculty of Media and Communication Studies is branded as School of Media and Communication Studies (SMCS) with the following Divisions:
•             Mass Communication and Research
•             Professional Journalism (TV, Radio and Newspaper)
•             Advertising and Public Relation
•             Broadcasting (Radio and TV), Film and Theatre Studies
•             Centre for Training and Research (CTR)
•             Centre for Advance Studies (CAS) (M.Phil/MS and Ph.D Program)

Centre for Training and Research (CTR) is one of the key features of SMCS. The purpose of CTR is to provide diploma and training certificates to professionals, journalists, students and interested people from different fields. CTR also conduct seminars related to media and communication field. CTR is formed for various research projects of national and international level.