Venue: University of Central Punjab
Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm
Workshop Dates: April 28-29, 2016
Last date to apply: April 27, 2016




Workshop Fee: Rs. 10,000 (Ten thousands only) per participant
(workshop fee includes training material, training certificate, lunch and tea during the workshop)

Note: "There are only 25 seats available for this workshop that will be reserved on first
come first served basis, therefore make your registration as quickly as possible to reserve your seat in this workshop".

Why is it important to understand the world in qualitative way?

Over the time the number of unanswered questions are increasing which are haunting our society. Questions such as our partial failure to ground the ‘narrative’ of independence among our people so that they can find the reason to be proud of being Pakistani. To a limited extent our inability to ‘construct’ counter ‘discourse’ against increased militancy in our society. And the continuation of our ‘trust’ on grand theories to answer the challenges such as poverty instead of ‘discovering’ the theories which can give us meaningful, relevant and workable explanations behind such phenomenon.

We can trust that qualitative research can help us to develop our understanding about the challenges we are facing today and thus can enable us to address these.

Why do we put higher level of trust on the claim that Qualitative Research can answer some of the burning questions we have been facing as a nation? Because in qualitative research we try to learn and try to understand the world through information both coded and un-coded, implicit and explicit, intended and un-intended, through simultaneous multiple modalities - auditory, visual, kinesthetic, tactile, positional, cognitive, and emotional ones; and we learn through exploration, manipulation, activity and interaction.

Qualitative research is increasingly finding and expanding its space in contemporary discourse. Researchers, policy makers and practitioners in social and natural sciences (such as medical) are discovering the avenues in which qualitative research is enabling them to understand the world in their respective area better than they had been perceiving. Keeping in view the increased significance of qualitative research we (the resource persons of this workshop) have arranged this two day workshop. We believe the workshop will help the prospective participants to develop awareness and to enhance their understanding about qualitative research.

The two day workshop is the first and unique workshop with respect to its contents and resource persons. We intend to develop qualitative understanding at the prospective workshop participants’ end in the following areas:

Qualitative Research - Philosophical Orientation
Designing Qualitative Studies
Approaches in Qualitative Research
Case Study
Grounded Theory
Action Research
Discourse Analysis
Techniques in Qualitative Research
Qualitative Interviewing
Photographic techniques
Historical analysis
Document and textual analysis
Qualitative Analysis and Interpretations
Within case
Cross case
Quality and Credibility of Qualitative Analysis
Writing and Publishing Qualitative Study

Who should attend the workshop:

Faculty Members
PhD Students
MS Students
Researchers and Practitioners