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UCP at a Glance

The University of Central Punjab provides you with all the facilities you need to get most out of your education. Multiple labs are equipped with the latest computers and equipment and the classrooms are fitted with multimedia projects for use by the teachers and students. The faculties are equipped with the latest high-tech labs that include Electronics Engineering Lab, Electrical Engineering, Instrumentation & Measurement Lab, Telecommunication Engineering Lab, Computer Engineering Lab and Data Communication & Networking Lab. Classrooms are fully air-conditioned and the University has a well-stocked library and round the clock internet facilities. 

At UCP, you find everything you need to make your learning experience fulfilling and enjoyable. The university has shifted in its new purpose-built campus on four acres of land, situated in Johar Town, Lahore. This easily accessible campus opposite Shaukat Khanam Hospital houses all the faculties of the university in the same premises. With a covered area of approximately 400,000 square feet, this premier facility caters to more than 5000 students. The new campus provides eleven engineering and science labs, three gymnasiums and a swimming pool.

With Wi-Fi facility available around the clock on the campus, you have uninterrupted access to the internet that allows you to use the Online Journal Library to conduct your research anywhere on the campus. Free use of the computer labs is also available along with the technical assistance. UCP also has an on-campus bookstore, a ladies lounge and cafeteria for the convenience of the students. State-of-the-art Auditorium, Swimming Pool and well-equipped Gymnasium are also mentionable Hallmarks of the New Campus.

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The University of Central Punjab seeks students of high intellectual ability and energy who will contribute to the strength and academic excellence of our community.

Our curriculum offers the opportunity for the pursuance of your future goals. Our five Faculties of Study offer you a range of courses and a variety of possibilities of exploring your abilities and talents. Whatever you choose to study at UCP, you will find our faculties a place for critical thinking and intellectual engagement and all the resources to make it happen. UCP provides an opportunity to collaborate and interact with other students that prepare you for the practical life after your university years. By studying issues from a range of disciplinary perspectives at UCP, students learn deeper lessons about reality and the implications of alternative ways of conceptualizing problems. Our Volunteers in Service (VIS) program brings to you practical experience of life where you also gain awareness of social responsibility and lifelong obligations to civic engagement.

We invite you to visit our campuses to see the first-class facilities, meet our top class faculty and feel the warmth of our congenial environment.

Faculty & Staff

The faculty members at the University of Central Punjab are among the most highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields of study. We are proud to have 26 Ph.Ds and over 100 Masters Degree holders as faculty and staff members. They are specialists in their fields and many of them have taught in foreign universities and have published research articles in international journals. They are truly dedicated to their profession and provide guidance, care and support that students need from them. The experience and dedication of our faculty members will make your learning experience one of the most rewarding times of your life.


University of Central Punjab has a full-service library on campus to serve the study and research needs of its students. The Library boasts over 16,500 books, 45 magazines and over 1000 CDs, not to mention newspapers, company and internship reports and projects by students. In addition, the Higher Education Commission has given our campus access to 11,000 online, full-text journals, international databases, and other material published online worldwide.  These invaluable research materials may be accessed by all of our students, even from their home computers.

Photocopy services are available when required for research purposes, and computers are available both to search for available books, and to work on projects. Librarians are present at all times to assist in your search for any type of material you are looking for.

New books and other printed matter are constantly being procured, and we also provide inter-library loan services between other colleges and universities whenever possible in order to provide material requested by a student in the unlikely event that it is not available in our Library.

With plenty of study space, thousands of volumes and online access to journals and databases, you’ve got the world at your fingertips.

Computer Labs

The University has a diversified collection of sophisticated computers installed at its campus. Over 375 computers consisting of original IBM, COMPAQ, Acer and compatibles with latest Pentium processors are available to the student body for unlimited usage. All the computers are networked using Cisco routers and switches. The servers consist of SUN Enterprise, ACER ALTOS, COMPAQ and IBM computers. The students have extensive exposure to multi-user, multitasking environment supported by various hardware resources and offering different software platforms including SOLARIS, WINDOWS 2000, DOS, Novell Netware, UNIX, LINUS, Free BSD, .NET, ORACLE etc. inter-connected through Local Area Networking (LAN). They have the advantage of gaining unique experience of free and unlimited access to the facilities of the University Computer Labs, where each computer is attached with online printer and all machines are warranted uninterrupted operations because of individual protection by branded UPS system.

The University staff is always alert to provide timely help to each student. The computing facilities at the University include the following three types of computer Labs, namely, the Main Lab, the Cisco/Hardware Lab and the Classroom Labs.

Engineering Labortories

Some of the laboratories currently available at the Faculty are listed below. Students are encouraged to use these labs for their practical and project work.

Electrical Engineering Lab

This Electrical Engineering laboratory is well equipped with modern digital and analog electronic instruments. The Lab has all the resources which give an insight in the field of electrical engineering. It also encourages students to develop keen interest towards electrical engineering and to develop small projects based on their learning. The practical work for the subjects of basic electrical engineering, network analysis and measurements and instrumentation is carried out in this laboratory.


Some of the laboratories currently available at the Faculty are listed below. Students use these labs for their practicals and project work. Students are encouraged to use the labs extensively.

Computer Engineering Lab

The Computer Engineering Laboratory has a network of latest computers, CAD software, and FPGA development systems to give students hands-on hardware design experience. The lab supports design of digital circuits and the applications microprocessors.

Data Communication & Networking Lab

UCP hosts a CISCO Regional Networking Academy where students are given both theoretical and hands on training up to the CCNA level. This Networking Academy has instructors trained from the Cisco Academy Training Center London, UK and the students, who complete the training, are issued an official certificate from Cisco System, USA which is recognized and accepted Worldwide.

Telecommunication Engineering Lab

Telecommunication Engineering Lab has 10 workstations each equipped with analog & Radar Communication trainer, Electro optic trainer and Telecommunication trainer. Experiments relating to AM & FM Modulation, Demodulation, Digital Optical Communication, Data Communication, etc. can be performed. This laboratory is being further expanded.

Electrical Machine Lab

This laboratory has facilities to perform experiments related to DC machines transformers and induction machines Synchronous machines will be added soon. The lab at present has six workstations. These will be increased to ten in the near future.

Electrical Instrumentation and Measurement Lab

This laboratory was established in 2007. Initially 5 workstations with all the required equipment have been deployed. The number of workstations will be increased to 10 in the near future. The lab supports the courses related to analog and digital instruments, measurements techniques and errors.

General Purpose Computer Labs

Almost 200 computers consisting of original Core2due and Pentium processors are available to the student body for unlimited usage. All the computers are networked using Cisco switches. The students have wide exposure to a multi-user, multitasking environment supported by various hardware resources and offering different software platforms including XP, DOS & Engineering softwares inter-connected through Local Area Networking (LAN).

Civil Engineering Lab

This is a recent addition in our Lab Complex to support the Basic Civil Engineering course being taught in the 2nd semester. Electronic Theodolites, Digital Level meters, Prismatic compasses with all auxiliaries have been procured and the students are encouraged to learn their use under the supervision of experienced staff.


Our Faculty is proud to have established the first a well-equipped workshop among all the private sector engineering universities in Pakistan. The workshop is divided into three sections:

  • Machine Shop
  • Computer Hardware Shop
  • Electrical Shop

Labs Development Program

The following Labs are under development:

  • Power Electronics Lab

Pharmacy Labortories

Some of the laboratories currently available at the Faculty are listed below. Students are encouraged to use these labs for their practical and project work.

Pharmaceutics Lab

This laboratory is well equipped with modern digital and analog electronic instruments. The Lab has all the resources which give an insight in the field of pharmacy. It also encourages students to develop keen interest in Pharmaceutical  Manufacturing and to develop basic knowledge about Physical Pharmacy Principles and Processes.

Harmaceutical Chemistry & Biochemisty Lab

This laboratory is well equipped with modern sceitific equipment necessary for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of medicines and their preparations. Students are directed to utilize these to understand the basic needs of chemistry of drugs and medicines.

Physiology and Histology Lab

This is state of the art laboratory which helps in understanding the basic sciences concerning human organs and skeleton through practical demonstration. Students are guided to perform the basic physiochemical tests on blood to understand the basic nomenclature of body and its systems.

Classrooms & Auditoriums

Every classroom at the University of Central Punjab is equipped with multimedia projectors, visual presenters and sound systems.  This state-of-the-art equipment allows teachers to supplement their lectures with visual presentations, which adds emphasis and interest.  Sound systems are employed using collar microphones so that every student can easily hear the teacher from every point in the classroom. Each classroom and lab is fully air conditioned providing a comfortable learning environment.

Punjab Group of Colleges Internet Service Provider

UCP owns an independent Internet Services Setup exclusively for its students and faculty. This setup provides Intranet and Internet services to its users. 3 MB bandwidth provides smooth surfing for web related research. Students and faculty are encourage to use electronic exchange of information as part of there regular courses work, for this UCP provide free dial up access to students and faculty. Web based e-mail is available for each enrolled student and UCP staff members. Different Internet services like ftp, e-mail, streaming etc. are freely available for research and development.

Book Shop

UCP has its own book shop on campus for your convenience. We provide a wide range of stationery items at competitive rates.

Ladies’ Lounge

A separate lounge area is available for the convenience of our female students.  It provides a private place to study and relax with friends. Students may also wait in the Ladies’ Lounge for their transport to arrive.


The University of Central Punjab has a full-service cafeteria which offers something for everyone. Whether you are looking for a quick snack such as a sandwich or samosa, or something more substantial, you’ll find it here.  A daily hot menu is offered on a rotating basis if you’re looking for a full meal, or you can relax with your friends over a cup of tea or coffee.  In addition to the cafeteria, UCP also has a juice bar which offers fresh juice and seasonal milkshakes.  The cafeteria is open daily from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m. for your convenience.

SMS Notification Service

The University of Central Punjab provides an SMS Notification Service free of cost to all students. This invaluable facility is primarily used for grade notification whereby a student’s end-of-semester grade report is sent to him/her via text messaging, intimating results immediately as they become available.  This service also informs students of any unannounced holidays or emergencies which need to be communicated urgently to students.  Every student is strongly encouraged to sign up for this service which is a convenient and efficient way to receive grades and other important information.

Women Pakistan Scholarships

Women make more than half of the world population, yet a harmonious environment to achieve self-fulfillment through education is denied in most parts of the world. Although the consciousness that inclusion of women in socio-political and economic life contributes a lot to enhance the quality of life of a community and a notion has risen significantly all over the world, still a lot needs to be done to help women become productive members of our communities at large. We believe that education is the tool which can help women generate employment opportunities not only to empower them economically but also to enhance their self-esteem to conduct their lives with confidence and élan.

With this vision in mind, Woman’s Development Centre at UCP has announced two Scholarships for female candidates from each of the following countries, Algeria, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Romania, Yugoslavia, Tunisia, Turkmenistan, Turkey and Uzbekistan. Educational opportunities are at Bachelor’s and master’s level in Business, commerce, Engineering, computer science, and Islamic studies.

Let us do our bid to help so many talented and hard working women around us who are struggling to find an opportunity to make their lives better.

Terms and conditions of the Scholarship are as follows:

  1. Tuition Fee waiver will be given for the entire program of study on maintaining a certain CGPA prescribed by the university
  2. Students should have completed at least 12 years of study to apply for admission in under graduate program (Bachelor) and 16 years of education for admission in a graduate program (Master) from a recognized institution
  3. Boarding and lodging Students can apply online by visiting website www.ucp.edu.pk or info@ucp.edu.pk

    • While applying online please send a copy of correspondence to Pro-Rector office prorector@ucp.edu.pk
    • Scan your documents and attached them your email.
    • Admission test waver can be provided in case of an alternative test.

  4. Monthly expenditure for boarding and lodging will be borne by the student, which is approximately US $200 a month
  5. University will assist in arranging a suitable accommodation on admission; however university does not have its own hostel facility for foreign students. There are a number of good female hostels around the campus
  6. If accepted for admission, student will make travelling and visa arrangements on her own
    Last dates to apply for admission:
    Fall Semester August 15, 2011
    Spring Semester November 15, 2011
    Apply online at info@ucp.edu.pk or apply on web: www.ucp.edu.pk