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Strategic Plan of UCP-Business School

UCP Business School has conceived a comprehensive triad of goals to realize its mission. The goals in areas of education, scholarship and community are stated below:


  • UCP Business School will produce well-educated graduates who are prepared for careers in business, and who have demonstrated a mastery of the learning goals outlined for the BBA, MBA, and MS programs.
  • The faculty of UCP Business School will be devoted to excellence in teaching, and UCPBS will encourage and reward excellence in teaching.
  • UCP Business School will continue to implement its learning assurance process to encourage continuous improvement in curriculum and teaching.
  • UCP Business School will maintain a curriculum that is innovative and responsive to the needs of local as well as global business.
  • UCP Business School will provide facilities and technology that are necessary to support effective pedagogy.
  • UCP Business School will prepare PhD students for academic and business careers.

  • Faculty of UCP Business School will engage in scholarly research that is valuable to business and society.
  • UCP Business School will foster an environment that supports and rewards research and scholarship of theoretical, empirical, and applied nature.
  • UCP Business School will make available to the faculty the tools necessary to support scholarship, thereby increasing the visibility and reputation of the school through publication in prestigious journals, presentation at professional and academic conferences, and participation in professional organizations.
  • UCP Business School will make the Ph.D. Program an integral part of faculty scholarship.
  • UCP Business School will support institutes and centers that contribute to faculty research and community engagement.
  • UCP Business School will collaborate with other faculties of University of Central Punjab, and sister concerns of Punjab Group to fulfill the mission of Punjab Group.
  • UCP Business School will create and support a collegial and productive work environment for faculty, administration, and staff.
  • UCP Business School will advance and ensure adherence to the highest ethical standards among all its stakeholders.
  • UCP Business School will involve alumni and the business community in the educational and scholarly activities of the school.
  • UCP Business School will offer conferences, seminars, and executive programs that are responsive to the needs of the business community.
  • UCP Business School will encourage and support organizations and activities that contribute to student development.
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