Advantages of having a degree

Advantages of Having a Degree

A college or university degree is of great importance. If you want to have a secure and bright future. The job market is not an easy place to have a successful entry after graduation. You need to complete the degree first from a reputable institution. It’s a great advantage in today’s workforce. Employers prefer the […]

4 Jul, 2019
Best MBA Courses in Lahore

Best MBA Courses in Lahore

MBA? A quite familiar word to you but you do not know the exact purpose of having an MBA degree, right? There are certain things that are unclear in your mind. If you are wondering about what actually MBA offers and whether you really stand in this way or not then do not worry. Master […]

28 Jan, 2019

Career Readiness & Planning

You are a post graduate and confused about your career? Finding no ways. Depressed. Your mind is full of questions about your career and you are finding no answers to them. Feeling the looming fears of finding no direction. Your mind stuck between what to start and how to start? These how, when and where […]

10 Jan, 2019

3 questions to ask yourself before selecting a degree program

After college when you are about to take up a degree program, it is important to ask yourself a few questions, so that you are sure of the program that you want to start. Every program offers an opening and skill to pursue a career, which helps the students to excel in their future careers. […]

20 Aug, 2018

Versatile Degrees for Flexible Careers

Choosing industry is easy but choosing the correct course is a big task. Starting from school, students face the problem of indecisiveness and pressure to decide their major. Continuing with studies is important but what counts more is to proceed in the right direction. To choose the right direction there are suggestions for majors in […]

13 Jul, 2018

Types of University Students

The growing up age is an amazing time in everyone’s life. Stepping into adulthood and not really knowing yourself and exploring your own personality is a remarkable phase of life. It is a carefree age where you want to work at your own pace and understand things only by your own understanding. In a university […]

7 Jul, 2018

2018 Trending Career Paths in Pakistan

While growing up and still a student, your mind is attracted to all that comes in front of you and sparkles, but may not be right for you. Same goes for professions, as old men say, you have to enjoy your work, more you enjoy it the more time you spend with it and the […]

26 Jun, 2018

How to Prepare for a Job Interview

An interview is the best time to persuade the recruiter that you are the most suitable person for the job offered. You may not be a master of the job you are applying for, but by mastering the interview techniques you can win your dream job to achieve your anticipated position. Do not forget that […]

16 Apr, 2018

Closing Admission Date 2018 for Spring Intake

Last chance for you to secure admission at University of Central Punjab. The last Spring Admission Date 2018 has been announced by the management of the institute. Get to the university application process before the admissions close. Be a part of a legacy that has been the bridge to success for many passionate heart Join […]

13 Feb, 2018

University of Central Punjab Stands Among Best Universities in Pakistan

University of Central Punjab is one of the best universities in Pakistan offering a comprehensive educational experience to the students. The University encompasses various programmers and opportunities for the students to progress in their academic and professional lives. Learning at UCP is fun and exciting with the cutting edge facilities provided at the campus and […]

26 Jan, 2018
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