Dr. Muniba Fatima Zahra

Dr. Muniba Fatima Zahra

Dr. Muniba Fatima Zahra

Senior Lecturer

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Dr. Muniba Fatima Zahra has recently completed her Ph.D. in Media and Communication. Her dissertation is focused towards Children’s media policy in Pakistan. She has more than 9 years’ teaching experience in different universities of Pakistan. She has supervised more than 40 postgraduate and undergraduate students for their final year projects (BS) and Theses (M.Phil.) She is also member of Human Research Ethics Committee, Monash University, Australia. She has also worked in Directorate of Public Relations (Sargodha). She has participated in different national and international conferences and her scholarly work has also been published in renowned research journals.  She has strong grip on SPSS, Citavi, Mendeley, NVivo, Endnote, Smart Partial Least Square, Quirkos. Muniba’s research interests include Media, Culture and Society, Health Communication and Digital Media.

Ph.DMedia and Communication University of Central Punjab 2020
M.PhilTheory and ResearchUniversity of Sargodha, Sargodha2009
Masters of ArtsMass CommunicationUniversity of Sargodha, Sargodha2007
Bachelors of Arts Economics and Journalism University of Sargodha, Sargodha2005
Senior LecturerUCP2020 till Present
Lecturer UCP2014-2019
Subject Specialist (Communication Studies)Lahore Grammar College2011-2012
Information OfficerDPR2010-2011
1Zia, M., Zahra, M. F., & Hayat, N. (2021). Instagram Beauty Influencers and Purchase Decisions: Exploring The Mediating Role of Source Credibility. VFAST Transactions on Education and Social Sciences, 9(3), 01-10.
2Zahra, M. F., Baig, F., & Hassan, T. U. (2021). Media Exposure and Child Psychology: Parental Perceptions about Effects. Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies, 10(1), 113-124. (X Category)
3Ahmad, I., Fatima, M., & Ali, F. (2021). News Media Use and Civic Engagement: The Mediating Role of Social Capital and Civic Accountability. Media Education-Mediaobrazovanie, 17(2), 177-188. (Y Category)
4Mussarrat, R., Zahra, M. F., & Ashraf, A. (2021) ISPR productions vs. nationalism, inclination to join army and image building: Case of Pakistan’s military operations. Global Social Sciences Review, 6(3), 1-8.
5Zahra, M. F., Ali, A. S., Ashraf, A., Farooqi, A., & Akhtar, F. (2021). COVID-19 Related Information and Psychological Wellbeing: Mediating Role of Employment Uncertainty Among Pakistani People. The Journal of Social Sciences Research, 7(1), 22-30.
6Zahra, M. F., Mussarrat, R., & Masood, A., Exposure to Crime Reporting: Predictor of Perceived Stress and Mood among Young Adults of Lahore. International Journal of Indian Psychology, 6(2), 140-151.
7Mussarrat, R., Zahra, M. F., & Masood, A., Effect of Social Media on Youth Activism during 2013 Election in Pakistan. Mass Communicator: International Journal of Communication Studies, 12(2), 4-8.

Conference Papers

1Paper “Violence in Children’s TV Content and Aggression: Exploring the Effects through Parental Perceptions” Presentation in International Conference on Substance Use Disorder- ICSUD22. Held on 30-31 March 2022 in Lahore, Pakistan.
2Paper “Exploring Parental Perception about the Effects of Television Watching on Child Psychology” presentation in FJWU–AMCAP International Media Conference, held on 17-18 February 2021 in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
3Paper “Motivation to Read, Comment and Like the Hate Speech Content on Facebook: An Exploratory Study” paper presented in 2nd International Conference on Media and Conflict (ICMC 2020), held on 11-12 February 2020, Islamabad
4Paper “Coverage of Zainab Murder Case in Pakistan’s Print Media: A Case of Media Ethics and Responsibility” presentation in International Media Conference 2018 held on 28th – 30th June 2018 in Lahore
5Paper “Use of Social Networking Sites for Expressing Opinion on Women Empowerment by Youth” presentation in International Media Conference 2018 held on 28th – 30th June 2018 in Lahore.
6Paper “Latent Cost of Caring: Social Networking Sites based Emotions-Sharing and Mental Health of University Students” presentation in International Journalism Conference 2017 held on 9th – 11th December 2017 in Lahore.
7Paper “Connectivism: E-Learning of Democratic Values on Social Media Public Spheres” accepted for presentation in 7th international conference on Information and Communication Technologies to be held on 30th -31st December, 2017.

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