Empire – Current Affairs & International Relations

The main purpose of this writing is to shed light upon the major goals of our team as this newly approved society aims to set a hallmark in history of UCP with its extraordinary and implicit potential in recognition of our university from the facet of remarkable performance, caliber, exceptional knowledge and expertise in the related field, thus striving to rank the university up along with being recognized for producing highly competent and professional students. A huge diversity is seen as Empire Society is on its way to furnish guidance for International Relations students and interested students from other related disciplines to understand not only a single domain of study but the widespread arena of current affairs, international events, hegemonic strategies, economic development and further domains of international politics. For achieving this inclusive objective, the highly competent hierarchy along with the team members from IR as well as other fields of study are working together to conduct the activities, events, TED talks, informational tours, seminars and small-scale sessions and sports activities to ensure better health and cooperation. The team coherence is extremely exceptional as skilled members who tend to uplift the society by utilizing the remarkable skills they possess are working, coordination and establishing effective communication in order to ensure the mushrooming process of our society. Hopefully in the upcoming future Empire would emerge as a most competent and apprehensive society maintaining its friendly and collaborative relationships with other societies.


Mamoon ul Haq Khan

(President Empire – Current Affairs & International Relations)

Usman Shahid

(President Empire – Current Affairs & International Relations)

Aliza Hashmi

(Vice President Empire – Current Affairs & International Relations)