Freelance Force Society

Freelance Force understands the vision of the University of Central Punjab and aims to promote the university at the national and international levels. Freelance Force is not just a society, it is an ‘organization’, where the students will come together, invest their knowledge and skills, and earn projects in the form of return. The organization also plans to develop and enhance the skills of the students that are needed to start a freelance account. Our motive is to ensure students don’t just graduate with a degree, but have a skill by their side that can be utilized as well. We, at Freelance Force, want to create an environment where all the students can learn from one another and build a healthy working environment.

As our motto is

‘Earn while you learn.’


Rana Talha Saleem

(President Freelance Force Society)


(Vice President Freelance Force Society

Syed Tawakkal

(Vice President Freelance Force Society)

Haziqa Islam

(Patron Freelance Force Society