Jehaad for Zero Thalassemia (JZT)

Jehad for Zero Thalassemia Society has been recognized as the most vibrant society whose mission is to serve humanity. We aim to create awareness among general public & university students in particular about coping with a fatal blood disorder that has endangered thousands of human lives due to lack of awareness. Our society is blessed with many dedicated volunteers who care deeply about the motive of the society & it’s contributions in a fast-changing environment. We hope to grow into the largest network of volunteers united to fight against Thalassemia. It is with the selfless service of volunteers that our society would grow stronger.

“We can not direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”

INSHALLAH, that day is not far when thalassemia would be eradicated from Pakistan



(Vice President Jehad for Zero Thalassemia)

Kazim Ali

(Patron Jehad for Zero Thalassemia)