UCP Literary Society – Nom De Plume

The UCP Literary Society promotes healthy reading and writing habits among students. The Society aims of creating a healthy environment for writers and aspiring poets. It provides them an opportunity to showcase their talent and further polish their abilities. The Society organizes an annual play based on famous literary texts. This helps the students showcase their abilities using the society as a platform. The Society also convenes Book meet once a month and each session comprise of a selection of a particular book in prose or poetry, followed by discussion on the author, and important chapters. The sessions are conducted both for Urdu as well as English literature. The society arranges many other activities such as Literary Festival, Iqbal Day, and Remembrance Days of various renowned literature figures. It also organizes various competitions such as Spellathon, Free Style Writing, Story Writing competitions, Poetry competitions, Bookfairs and gatherings which help create a healthy zealous environment for the young aspiring writers of the University. UCP Literary Society encourages students of all the languages and backgrounds to join them in further promoting the literature of their native languages and aims to create a space for students of all kinds of views and thoughts. Literary society also collaborate with various other societies and clubs in UCP to achieve their objectives and goals.


Zain ul Abdeen

(President UCP Literary Society)

Sara Syed

 (Vice President UCP Literary Society)

Areeba Tayyab

(Patron UCP Literary Society)