UCP TakhleeqKar Society

Takhleeqkar Fine Arts Society is the only Fine Arts Society of UCP which is The Door to numerous opportunities for artistic and creative minds. Our main objective is to bring all the ambitious young artists under one roof and provide them a platform where they can flaunt their talents to the world and get all the necessary exposure. In addition, the society also provides a safe haven where all students can meet likeminded peers, can engage and socialize with each other and can enhance their communication skills. We promote everyone on equal grounds and try to refrain from bias and inequalities as an artist is unique within him/herself. We try our best to be the prime example of a well-managed and developed society, and we’ll keep on promoting arts and crafts.


Samra Abdul Wahab

(President UCP Takhleeqkar Society)

Mustafa Shahzad

(Vice President UCP Takhleeqkar Society)

Khizer Ahmed Zaki

(Patron UCP Takhleeqkar Society)