Kasur MawaKhat Program

Kasur MawaKhat Program

The Kasur MawaKhat Program is a joint initiative by Akhuwat and Dunya Foundation that focuses on participatory development to provide support to rural communities through social mobilization and self-empowerment.

The Kasur MawaKhat program is based upon the exemplary model of brotherhood shown by the people of Madinah at the time of Hijrat from Makkah to Madinah.The KMP project takes on a bottom-up approach where the people decide for themselves and work for themselves with aid and guidance from the Kasur Mawakhat Team.

The participatory development program focuses on two key areas: social mobilization and community intervention.

To promote the concept of sustainable development, two sessions were arranged at the University of Central Punjab.

The introductory session on the Kasur Mawakhat Program, The Voices of the Poor featured Mian Amir Mehmood and Dr. Amjad Saqib who introduced the project and explained the progress of the initiative while urging people to get involved in the betterment of the rural areas.

An interactive panel discussion session was arranged with prominent philanthropists and people from the corporate world  who have implemented development initiatives that have been led, sustained and owned by the people from within the community was also arranged to view the Kasur Mawakhat Program under the light of their experience.

The sessions also included testimonials from real life “heroes”, including individuals, groups and/or families that have benefited from the Program, and in-turn have led their community towards enhanced socio-economic mobility and poverty alleviation.

The initiative till date has changed the lives of 2000 families, in 8 villages and 3 union councils across the district of Kasur.

Akhuwat and Dunya Foundation through the Kasur MawaKhat Program are steadfast in their mission to bring a positive change in the society through social mobilization and development intervention led by the people and urge the masses to play their part too.

Event dates: 14rd December, 2019