Well-equipped Moot room for students to practice and gain practical knowledge

Lawyers and advocates from the industry to teach professional skills to the students

30+ years legacy of Punjab Law College

Dean’s Message

Welcome to the University of Central Punjab, Faculty of Law (FOL). You have prudently opted for a prestigious institution, renowned for exceptional achievements over the years. A number of our students have since obtained `positions and distinctions’, and are now eminent professionals in different aspects of life. We impart education with a missionary zeal, and our ambition is to produce true human beings, motivated by the qualities of the head and the heart.

Dignified in our legacy of 3 decades, Faculty of Law marks the beginning of a new era in legal academia. The legacy of experience, achievements, aspiration and devotion serves as our largest asset. While narrating our legacy we need to emphasize the distinctive feature of our teaching methodology. Our lesson plan comprises of not only the three tiers of regular law teaching but co-curricular activities are also part and parcel covered under the head of ancillary teaching. We believe that a student should not be confined to his course books only. For personality grooming, there must be exposure to real professionalism, development of acute observation and awareness of the social norms. Our objective is to inculcate all these qualities in our students.

Here, everyone is apt and equipped to groom your talent, to help you accomplish your goal, and to mature you into a responsible and adept citizen. Competent professionals impart education in an excellent ambiance. The Faculty of Law also offers several scholarships and other incentives to talented and deserving students. Students have the optimum benefit from the opportunities, openings and assistance readily available at the campus.

We pledge maximum support, and in return, wish that the students reciprocate with conviction and responsibility, so that we could be proud of them tomorrow as we are today on our luminous alumni.

Dr. Hadia Awan

Dean, Faculty of Law



The Faculty of Law at UCP has its foundation in Punjab Law College, first established in 1987. Later, the college emerged as a faculty in the University of Central Punjab in 2016. The FOL hones the craft of all students in three primary areas. The first is the skillset comprised of critical observation, problem- solving and effective representation. The second is having the ethical credence to resolve ethical dilemmas. The third, and the most effective, is social empathy, enabling a law expert to empathise with the community. The methodology adopted at the FOL is experiential, where the students are required to complete pro-bono service hours as part of their law degree. We impart education through the law in the book applied as the law in action. There is a wide variety of opportunities for students, enabling them to achieve their goals, fulfil their dreams and become productive members of society.

Law Clinic

The Law Clinic programme uses clinical methods of teaching by immersing students into practical experiences. In recent years, the provision of pro bono services has also become an essential feature of law clinics worldwide.

The Law Clinic Programme at UCP Faculty of Law also bears this twofold responsibility; firstly, to provide pro bono legal services to the underprivileged community members, and secondly, to provide students real life learning experience. To meet these ends, FOL maintains a proper infrastructure which comprises of a law clinic office, a law clinic secretary office and a conference room.

Law Clinic Office is designed to be used for clients’ advising and counseling, legal research, preparation of cases and maintenance of records. Office of the legal secretary is responsible for the preparation of the documents, maintaining files and records and keeping track of the cases being handled by the FOL law clinic. Conference Room furnishes a place to discuss innovative ideas, new plans and strategies to indulge students in practical learning through law clinic. This year, law clinic integrates the clinical method of education with the students’ regular class activities by organizing training sessions on law moots, mock trials, debates and research writing.

Peace and Mediation Centre

Peace Studies focuses on the causes of conflicts and violence and analyzes the mechanisms necessary to resolve conflicts and establish peace. It is an interdisciplinary field which may attract scholars from any discipline to participate in the study of peace issues.

The Faculty of Law’s Peace Centre has been established to promote the ideology of peace. It intends to address the subject-matter through both academic courses parallel with practical application and exploration. The other vital part is to conduct research on issues of peace at personal, national and global levels. It aims to provide academic and research opportunities for students who may be interested in peace and conflict studies or related fields.

For offering enhanced and diverse learning experiences, the centre intends to implement its academic and research plans through creating a liaison with others working for peace and humanity. An important component of the FOL peace centre is mediation. Like law clinic and peace centre, FOL also has an on-campus mediation centre, which is established to provide a platform for pro bono services in negotiation, mediation and arbitration, etc.