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Annual International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Business Management

Dean’s Message

Initiated as PCBA 22 years ago, Faculty of Management Sciences has come a long way to attain the status of one of the best management faculties in the country. Alongside introducing a number of Ph.D. programmes, the faculty is offering generalized MS programmes in major functional areas of business.
Striving to meet international standards, we have restructured our BBA & MBA programmes by introducing diversified market-oriented majors by adopting best teaching practices.
The Faculty of Management Sciences aims to provide an education with a close track of market requirements, experiential learning opportunities in the form of case studies, projects and internship with the ability to apply knowledge and gain experiences by strengthening ties with the corporate sector.

Secondly, UCP-EMBA endeavors to develop proactive and inventive business leaders for tomorrow where they learn as much from their fellow classmates as from the academically and professionally qualified world-class faculty in a conducive learning environment.

Faculty of Management Sciences believes in providing its students with a strong knowledge base alongside entrepreneurial mindset to educate and enable innovation, business acumen and a passion for research to produce high-quality professionals, researchers and leaders for private and public sectors in Pakistan and beyond.

Dr. Muhammad Athar Siddiqui

Dean, Faculty Of Management Sciences



The Faculty of Management Sciences envisions to be the thought leader in inspiring businesses and society at the crossroads of globalisation and localisation. The foundation of FOMS is within Punjab College of Business Administration-PCBA, established in 1991. It is now an internationally recognised business education institution, serving the community for more than 30 years. A highly qualified faculty with 23 PhD instructors, state-of-the-art facilities, a conducive learning environment, academic and physical resources are the defining features of FOMS. All our degree programmes are structured with substantial technical knowledge so that students can tailor their degrees to best suit their career aspirations. The faculty takes pride in having professional links with several British and American universities to benefit from their management studies school and business curriculum in our academic initiatives to help our students be part of a global workforce. Guided by FOMS’s missions, institutional learning outcomes and four fundamental principles: morality, fairness, social responsibility, and professionalism, our teaching methodology aims to incorporate real-world exposure, case study methods, and various industrial visits and internships to improve students’ employability and career success.



“To be a thought leader in business education, inspiring businesses, and society at the crossroads of globalization and localization.”


Our mission is: 

  • To nurture individuals by empowering them to realize their potential 
  • To promote an academic environment that facilitates transformational learning 
  • To make a meaningful contribution towards the progress of the society