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  1. Bachelors of Computer Science
  2. Bachelors of Science in Software Engineering
  3. MS Computer Science
  4. Bachelor of Business Administration
  5. Bachelor of Science in Accounting & Finance
  6. MBA-Business Graduates
  7. Master of Commerce
  8. MS Business Administration
  9. MS Accounting & Finance
  10. M.Phil. Accounting & Finance
  11. BS International Relations
  12. BS Psychology
  13. MS Clinical Psychology
  14. BS English Language and Literature
  15. M.Phil./MS Applied Linguistics
  16. M.Phil./MS English Literature
  17. BS Economics
  18. MS/M.Phil. Economics
  19. Doctor of Pharmacy
  20. M.Phil. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutics)
  21. BS Biochemistry
  22. BS Microbiology
  23. BS Biotechnology
  24. BS Food Science and Technology
  25. MS Biotechnology
  26. MS Biochemistry
  27. MS Microbiology
  28. M. Sc. Electrical Engineering
  29. M. Sc. Mechanical Engineering
  30. MS Civil Engineering
  31. BS Physics
  32. BS Chemistry
  33. BS Mathematics
  34. BS Zoology
  35. BS Media and Communication Studies
  36. M.SC Journalism & Mass Communication
  37. M.Phil Media and Communication
  38. LL.B (Hons.)
  39. BS Data Science
  40. M.Phil International Relations
  41. MS Data Science
  42. BS Business Analytics
  43. Executive MBA
  44. BS Real Estate Management
  45. BS Medical Laboratory Technology
  46. BS Artificial Intelligence
  47. PhD Mechanical Engineering
  48. PhD Civil Engineering
  49. BS Political Science
  50. PhD Linguistics
  51. PhD Biotechnology
  52. MS Food Technology
  53. PhD Food Technology
  54. M.Phil. Chemistry
  55. M.Phil. Physics
  56. MS Mathematics
  57. PhD Mathematics
  58. BS Film, TV & Digital Media
  59. M.Phil. Pharmacy (Pharmacology)
  60. M.Phil. Pharmacy (Pharmaceutical Chemistry)
  61. BS Audit And Taxation
  62. BBA – Post ADP (Non-Business Administration Graduates)
  63. BBA – Post ADP (Business Administration Background)
  64. M.Phil. Zoology
  65. MS Software Engineering
  66. BS Human Nutrition and Dietetics
  67. MS Film & Digital Media
  68. BS Robotics & Intelligent Systems
  69. MBA-Non Business Graduates
  70. BS Accounting and Finance - Post ADP
  71. BS Computer Science - Post ADP
  72. BS Chemistry - Post ADP
  73. BS Mathematics - Post ADP
  74. B.Sc. Electrical Engineering
  75. B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering
  76. B.Sc. Civil Engineering

Chairman's Message

We aim to make our students adaptable to change so that they may thrive in a rapidly evolving job market; critical thinkers to be able to identify problems in our society and; creative to come up with pragmatic solutions.

Mian Amer MahmoodChairman, UCP

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Key Highlights 2022

  • 1.Launched 04 new Undergraduate and 13 Post Graduate Programs - unprecedent in UCP’s history so far.

  • 2.Admitted a total of 7,270 (2403 in Spring and 4867 in Fall 2022) students.

  • 3.Admitted International students in Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs from Sri Lanka, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, UAE and United States.

  • 4.Total 08 international faculty members were engaged for teaching various degree programs.

  • 5.Published 500+ research articles witnessing an increase of 18% from the previous year.

  • 6.Published 309 Impact Factor papers, 52% increase compared to previous year.

  • 7.Achieved citation score of 3826; increase of 120% compared to last year.

  • 8.05 faculty members joined the elite club of researchers worldwide with 100+ accumulative impact factors bringing the total to 8.

  • 9.Recorded Impact Factor Score of 920 for the entire year – an increase of 18% from the last year.

  • 10.Launched two new research journals, the Journal of Law & Legal Education and the Journal of Humanities & Social Sciences.

  • 11.Filed 43 Intellectual Property Rights (IPRs) this year compared 8 filed last year.

  • 12.Research Grants of over PKR 56 million secured increase of 12% from last year.

  • 13.ORIC officially recognized by Higher Education of Pakistan.

  • 14.Takhleeq Business Incubator is a member of the Community of International Science Industry Parks (CISIP), China.

  • 15.Conferred Best Teacher, Best Researcher and Best Innovator award for the first time.

  • 16.Inducted 250 new faculty members – an increase of 28% in full-time faculty.

  • 17.Over 687 faculty members trained under Teaching Excellence Program to enhance quality of teaching.

  • 18. Faculty Placement Program Strengthened; 23 faculty members were placed across 11 industries for 1-2 weeks during August-October 2022.

  • 19.UCP established IAB within fall across all faculties to facilitate Industrial Linkages and review curricula.

  • 20.UCP won HEC All Pakistan Intervarsity Sports Championship for the 11th consecutive year.

  • 21.Continuous Quality Improvement Mechanism (CQI) launched to strengthen quality of academics; mean average of Course & Teacher evaluations increased from 82% to 84%.

  • 22.Ranked amongst the top 110th universities in QS South Asian University Rankings.

  • 23.Ranked among the top 7th universities in Pakistan in UI Green Metric Rankings.

  • 24.Signed 25 MOUs for International Collaborations for Teaching and Research with Foreign Universities.

  • 25.02 Start-ups of UCP Takhleeq Business Incubation Centre (Pukaar and Co-Kitchen) received PKR 4.3 million funding while another startup, Mashal, raised grants worth USD 100K from USAID.

  • 26.UCP organized 24th convocation in June, 2022 wherein 643 degrees were conferred and 25th Convocation was held in December 2022 wherein 2176 degrees were conferred.

  • 27.Total 05 international conferences were organized by UCP in the year 2022.

  • 28.First ever UCP constituent alumni elections held in August, 2022 with 6500 votes from alumni from different countries.

  • 29.Alumni Association raised Rs. 1.7 million towards UCP endowment.

  • 30.New purpose-built multi storied state of the art girls hostel in Air-Line Campus.

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