Through workshop system and active societies, public speaking and leadership abilities of students are enhanced

Perfect and congenial environment who aspire to become civil servants, leaders, analysts, researcher, economist and academics

Senior and reputed professionals/experts from bureaucracy as mentor to groom the students for their practical life ahead


The Faculty of Languages and Literature (FLL) is the newly established faculty at UCP. In the wake of the amended act of UCP of Jan 12, 2022, the former Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences which housed Dept. of English, Dept. of Psychology, Dept. of Economics, and Dept. of Politics and International Relations was bifurcated into two distinct faculties; Faculty of Languages and Literature, and Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

The genesis of FLL is in the former Dept. of English which ran BS English Language and Literature, MS Applied Linguistics and MS English Literature programs. In its new identity, FLL will host Dept. of English Literature, Dept. of Linguistics, English Language Center (ELC), Chinese Language Center (CLC) and Japanese Language Center (JLC).

Dept. of English Literature will continue to offer BS Language and Literature and MS English Literature programs, while Dept. of Linguistics will offer MS Applied Linguistics and PhD in Linguistics. ELC, CLC, and JLC will offer language courses and support across faculties to cater to university’s diverse language needs.

The Faculty of Languages and Literature offers a range of language and literature courses. It has a highly qualified faculty, including 8 PhD faculty members.  The curriculum is structured to be contemporary and challenging, fostering a spirit of critical inquiry, and an urge to discover, learn and debate issues relevant to linguistics and literature in the social and academic world. FLL provides a learning environment that is interactive and robust, ensuring that students acquire well-developed communication and analytical skills – a habit for independent thinking and a sense of personal and professional responsibility that employers seek among candidates in today’s job market. Our mission is to provide students with an exceptional environment to pursue their studies in a wide variety of programs. With a degree from FLL, graduates can pursue a wide variety of careers in publishing and editing, advertising and public relations, Business Administration and Management, counseling and social work, research and Technical Writing, content writing, education.


Dean’s Message

Welcome to the Faculty of Languages and Literature (FLL) at the University of Central Punjab. Our passion is to provide you with an exceptional learning environment to pursue your studies in a variety of programs. Come and join our large, vibrant, and diverse community of scholars, students, and professionals who will groom you to achieve your academic and scholastic goals by equipping you with skills and attitudes that will ensure your smooth transition into the professional world. With a degree from FLL, you can turn your dreams and ambitions into reality by becoming future teachers, educationists, civil servants, diplomats, researchers, writers, journalists, and more. We offer specialized and innovative curricula, skill-based education, and rich exposure to extracurricular activities to prepare you for life both in and beyond university.

Dr Fehmida Sultana

Dean, Faculty of Languages & Literature


Department of English Literature

BS English Language and Literature

BS English language and Literature is a 4-year degree program offering a combination of English Literature and Linguistics courses to improve learners’ linguistic and literary skills to prepare them for careers in media, business, diplomacy, and graduate studies here and abroad.

MS English Literature

MS in English Literature is a 2-year degree program covering core courses in English Literature and Literary theory in addition to several others. This program offers candidates the opportunity to acquire knowledge and understanding of a range of issues in English Literature.

Eligibility Criteria: To apply for MS English Literature, a candidate must have at least 2.00/4.00 CGPA in Bs English or 50% marks from an annual system in MA English. All applicants are required to pass the UCP admission test and interview.


Department of Linguistics

MS Applied Linguistics

MS in Applied Linguistics is a 2-year degree program covering core language teaching, theoretical and applied linguistics. This program offers candidates the opportunity to acquire knowledge and understanding of various issues concerning language, and how it functions in society.

Eligibility Criteria: To apply for MS Applied Linguistics, a candidate must have at least 2.00/4.00 CGPA in Bs English or 50% marks in a master’s degree in a relevant field. All applicants are required to pass the UCP admission test and interview.


PhD Linguistics 

PhD Linguistics program opens career prospects in higher education in Pakistan. This program allows a high degree of flexibility and specialization and is designed to encourage students to advance quickly to producing original research. Students may choose any of several standard areas of specialization or design their own specialization with the help of their faculty advisor. The program prepares the graduates for a diverse range of professional fields including teaching, journalism, law, publishing, and the software industry.

Eligibility Criteria

  • At least 3.00/4.00 CGPA in MS/M.Phil in Linguistics or ELT. All applicants are required to pass the UCP admission test and interview.


English Language Centre

Director’s Message

The ELC believes in the symbiotic relationship of the English Language teaching and the English Language Research in the broader context of students’ linguistic needs. It considers developing students’ high level of proficiency in the English Language as a vital factor to support their overall success, regardless of their disciplines of study. In view of these outlooks, the ELC has completely revamped its courses, gradually supplanting them by globally standardised ones. These are taught in the state-of-the-art classrooms which are well furnished with audio-visual aids. As a result, the UCP students practice all four language skills in an enabling classroom environment on a daily basis. Correspondingly, the ELC encourages its ELT practitioners to take part in a classroom related action research to diagnose students’ second language requirements and adapt to the most suitable need-based teaching material to achieve the desired outcomes. It also equips them with the relevant resource material to make sure they remain updated with an ever-evolving best teaching practices in the field to meet learners’ emerging second language needs.

Dr. Muhammad Habib Qazi

Director English Language Centre