Societies and Clubs

  • Islamic Guidance Club (IGC)

    UCP Islamic Guidance Club provides the students a circle to rejuvenate their spirits for Islam. This Club aims to broaden the student’s vision and to mark the fine line between right and wrong. Through various conferences, Islamic events, symposiums, competitions, Naat coaching classes and interactive sessions students are encouraged to find the true spirit of Islam out of their personalities


    Bilal Butt

    (President Islamics Guidance Club)

    Ali Umair

    (Vice President Islamics Guidance Club)

    Syeda Fatima Ali

    (Vice President Islamics Guidance Club)

    Ameer Hamza

    (Deputy Patron Islamics Guidance Club)

    Talib Hussain

    (Patron Islamics Guidance Club)

  • Environmental Protection Society (EPS)

    The Environment Protection Society (EPS-UCP) deals with the human and natural environment and aims at using the resources of university in a way that trains students to protect the environment.

    EPS-UCP aims at training the students to mobilize combined forces of progress and nature for achieving a modern, environment-friendly, energy efficient and waste-minimizing society for a better present and future generation


    Ahmed Faiz

    (President Environmental Protection Society)

    Ali Irtaza

    (Vice President Environmental Protection Society)

    Khushbakht Javed

    (Vice President Environmental Protection Society)

    Dr. Shafiq ur Rehman

    (Patron Environmental Protection Society)

  • UCP Photography Club (UPC)

    UCP Photography Club was first set in motion in 2011, where a student body envisioned an inclusive space for the smaller community of photographers, that persisted back then, and has now become one of the prominent and fastest growing societies in UCP. We have been thoroughly successful in conducting workshops, photo walks, competitions, mega-events, and interactive sessions, to provide that space for our fellow photographers to practice their craft to their full potential


    Talha Tariq

    (President UCP Photography Club)

    Maha Khan

    (Vice President UCP Photography Club)

    Moin Ahmad

    (Deputy Patron UCP Photography Club)

    Madiha Hamid

    (Patron UCP Photography Club)

  • UCP Dramatics Club

    Dramas, short plays, mimes and skits have been regular features of the Dramatic Club’s repertoire at welcome parties, concerts, other events held at the university and external Competitions. The basic aim of the UCP Dramatics Club is to motivate individuals who lack confidence. We inculcate confidence to succeed! The members of the UCP Dramatics Club perform on several platforms which motivates them to work and perform even better in the upcoming events. They work to convey a positive message to the audience through entertainment and highlight social issues present in our society. Through this platform, students gain confidence, improve their public speaking skills and learn to express themselves.


    Ahsan Ali

    (President UCP Dramatics Club)

    Wajeeha Iman

    (Vice President UCP Dramatics Club)

    Waqar Jamshaid

    (Deputy Patron UCP Dramatics Club)

    Hina Adeeb

    (Patron UCP Dramatics Club)

  • Freelance Force Society

    Freelance Force understands the vision of the University of Central Punjab and aims to promote the university at the national and international levels. Freelance Force is not just a society, it is an ‘organization’, where the students will come together, invest their knowledge and skills, and earn projects in the form of return. The organization also plans to develop and enhance the skills of the students that are needed to start a freelance account. Our motive is to ensure students don’t just graduate with a degree, but have a skill by their side that can be utilized as well. We, at Freelance Force, want to create an environment where all the students can learn from one another and build a healthy working environment.

    As our motto is

    ‘Earn while you learn.’


    Rana Talha Saleem

    (President Freelance Force Society)


    (Vice President Freelance Force Society

    Syed Tawakkal

    (Vice President Freelance Force Society)

    Haziqa Islam

    (Patron Freelance Force Society

  • Catalyst Society

    At UCP, every student has to complete 65 hours of volunteer work. The Volunteers in Service VIS department organizes volunteer campaigns for students. Other than the required volunteer work, students can continue their voluntary work throughout their academic tenure- for such students, the Catalyst Society was formed. This society takes up several activities related to welfare work inside and outside the university and also works in collaboration with other welfare organizations. Catalyst society takes on several activities during the whole year including the following, but not limited to:

    • Relief Works
    • Awareness Campaigns
    • Medical / Health Camps
    • Rallies and Congregations
    • Seminars and Lectures The areas of operation of the Catalyst Society are:
    • Literacy
    • Hygiene
    • Gender Equality
    • Human Rights
    • Other Social Issues

    The students who become a part of this society continuously contribute towards the betterment of our society and help those in need. The efforts of the members of this society are highly commendable as these individuals sacrifice their time and effort for the greater good.


    Mahnoor Fatima

    (President UCP Catylist Society)

    Syeda Zareen Zahra

    (Vice President UCP Catylist Society)

    Hammad ur Rehman

    (Patron UCP Catylist Society)

  • Character Building Society (CBS)

    We focus on Anti-Corruption, Professional Development, Personal Grooming & Etiquettes”


    • To create a resilient environment to eradicate social evils like bribery, favouritism, nepotism, and fraud.
    • To create and spread awareness regarding Corruption Free Pakistan.
    • Highlighting basic human rights and values
    • Teaching & inculcating Etiquettes, focusing on Personal & Professional grooming of students.
    • Nourish Professional & Personality Development of students.
    • Recalling, remembering, and honouring great personalities and heroes and their contributions in order to motivate students to follow their footsteps to make this society a better place to live.
    • Providing a platform where members can show case their talents and skills.
    • Motivate students to harness their social, ethical, and academic values in consonance with educational and cultural curriculum.
    • Igniting the element of respect and tolerance among the students to understand and accept diversity of individual’s point of views

    Zeemal Adeel

    (President Character Building Society)

    Zile Rahim

    (Vice President Character Building Society)

    Nahan Iqbal

    (Patron Character Building Society)

  • Dashboard – Digital Content

    Objective of the society is the provision of a platform that offers encouragement to the digital content creation activities and their excellence is ensured. It also aims to provide a platform for interuniversity integration of relevant talents and promote their activities on a larger scale by arranging competitions and holding large scale events for the promulgation of digital content creators


    Furqan Butt

    (President Dashboard Society)

    Rida Amjad

    (Vice President Dashboard Society)

    Asma Raheem

    (Patron Dashboard Society)

  • Debating Society

    DebSoc UCP is committed to excellence in speech at state, regional and national levels by setting the following objectives. DebSoc UCP was founded in 2012 keeping in mind the following objectives:

    • To improve self-confidence and the debater’s style of delivering his opinion.
    • Help members gain multi-faceted knowledge.
    • Coax students to improve their cognitive and critical thinking skills.
    • To provide an engaging, active and learner centred environment
    • Enable members to articulate arguments. The also learn how to outweigh arguments by identifying the holes in them.
    • To pave the way for students to better structure their thoughts.
    • To teach debaters to show empathy towards others’ ideas.
    • We provide them with a veritable platform and the opportunity to showcase their talents on a global stage.
    • We also focus on inculcating people skills and team collaboration.
    • Our debaters connect with students of diverse backgrounds. This enables them to experience the rich cultural diversity.
    • Furthermore, DEBSOC UCP hosts numerous contests, Parliamentary Debating Championship, Monthly Intra university debating contest, etc. to raise awareness regarding pertinent issues of society while emphasizing the importance of speaking up.
    • To form a community of debaters to represent UCP both nationally and internationally.
    • We help our members unlock numerous opportunities in life by mastering the art of communication.

    Ali Haider

    (President UCP Debating Society)

    Hamzah Fayyaz

    (Vice President UCP Debating Society)

    Hamzah Tahir

    (Vice President UCP Debating Society)

  • Disaster Management Society (DMS)

    Disaster management society of UCP is responsible for training students to build a safer and disaster resilient society by a holistic, pro-active and sustainable development strategy that involves all stakeholders and fosters a culture of prevention, preparedness and mitigation. We work in collaboration with NDMA, PDMA, Rescue 1122, Red Crescent and many other NGOs


    Mahnoor Foaad

    (President Disaster Management Society)


    (Vice President Disaster Management Society)

    Dr.Shabana Naveed

    (Patron Disaster Management Society)

  • Empire – Current Affairs & International Relations

    The main purpose of this writing is to shed light upon the major goals of our team as this newly approved society aims to set a hallmark in history of UCP with its extraordinary and implicit potential in recognition of our university from the facet of remarkable performance, caliber, exceptional knowledge and expertise in the related field, thus striving to rank the university up along with being recognized for producing highly competent and professional students. A huge diversity is seen as Empire Society is on its way to furnish guidance for International Relations students and interested students from other related disciplines to understand not only a single domain of study but the widespread arena of current affairs, international events, hegemonic strategies, economic development and further domains of international politics. For achieving this inclusive objective, the highly competent hierarchy along with the team members from IR as well as other fields of study are working together to conduct the activities, events, TED talks, informational tours, seminars and small-scale sessions and sports activities to ensure better health and cooperation. The team coherence is extremely exceptional as skilled members who tend to uplift the society by utilizing the remarkable skills they possess are working, coordination and establishing effective communication in order to ensure the mushrooming process of our society. Hopefully in the upcoming future Empire would emerge as a most competent and apprehensive society maintaining its friendly and collaborative relationships with other societies.


    Mamoon ul Haq Khan

    (President Empire – Current Affairs & International Relations)

    Usman Shahid

    (President Empire – Current Affairs & International Relations)

    Aliza Hashmi

    (Vice President Empire – Current Affairs & International Relations)

  • Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

    IEEE UCP is the Student Branch of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) which is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. The IEEE UCP Student Branch regularly arranges technical activities and workshops to help students in their professional growth. Our members learn management, communication, technical and leadership skills by arranging a variety of events. It provides students the platform to communicate with professionals to talk about careers and projects and help young professionals to learn what is coming up in the near future. We are committed to providing excellent opportunities for professional development for the students of UCP to help grow their technical and professional skills. Apart from gaining the usual technological knowledge, special consideration is given to the professional nourishment of the members, by making them arrange events and manage projects, both technical and non-technical.


    Ahmed Butt

    (Presdent Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers)

    Mudasir Abdullah

    (Vice President Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers)

    Nabeel Khalid

    (Patron Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers)

  • Inclusive Student Society (ISS)

    The Inclusive Student Society (ISS) UCP is the first ever student society in Pakistan that is being operated with the vision to reduce inequality and unjust behavior towards the different sectors. We aim to eradicate the differences and boundaries drawn by the society. We want to create inclusivity by including all races, classes, castes, creeds and genders irrespective of any discrimination, disadvantages or disabilities. The society tends to conduct seminars, awareness sessions, panel discussions, skill based

    competitions, sport activities, and also arranges visits to the related organizations.


    Warda Yaseen

    (President Inclusive Student Society)

    Khadija Arshad

    (Vice President Inclusive Student Society)

    Uzma Tahira

    (Patron Inclusive Student Society)

  • UCP Literary Society – Nom De Plume

    The UCP Literary Society promotes healthy reading and writing habits among students. The Society aims of creating a healthy environment for writers and aspiring poets. It provides them an opportunity to showcase their talent and further polish their abilities. The Society organizes an annual play based on famous literary texts. This helps the students showcase their abilities using the society as a platform. The Society also convenes Book meet once a month and each session comprise of a selection of a particular book in prose or poetry, followed by discussion on the author, and important chapters. The sessions are conducted both for Urdu as well as English literature. The society arranges many other activities such as Literary Festival, Iqbal Day, and Remembrance Days of various renowned literature figures. It also organizes various competitions such as Spellathon, Free Style Writing, Story Writing competitions, Poetry competitions, Bookfairs and gatherings which help create a healthy zealous environment for the young aspiring writers of the University. UCP Literary Society encourages students of all the languages and backgrounds to join them in further promoting the literature of their native languages and aims to create a space for students of all kinds of views and thoughts. Literary society also collaborate with various other societies and clubs in UCP to achieve their objectives and goals.


    Zain ul Abdeen

    (President UCP Literary Society)

    Sara Syed

     (Vice President UCP Literary Society)

    Areeba Tayyab

    (Patron UCP Literary Society)

  • UCP Media Club

    The UCP Media Club is a platform where students from all departments are given the opportunity to join in and explore their skills in terms of the world of Media while also getting the opportunity to learn from field experts. Our primary objective is to open doors to the Pakistani Media (Journalism and Videography) industry. We train our members to become good videographers in terms of documentary making, short films, event coverage and many more, to learn how to do journalistic writings and bring out their best in the competitive world of creativity


    Mujtaba Zawar

    (President UCP Media Club)


    (Vice President UCP Media Club)

    Atiya Dar

    (Patron UCP Media Club)

  • Plektra – Music Society

    The UCP Plektra Music Society enhances students’ inherent singing and musical talent. The objective is to give platform to students of UCP where they can showcase their talent, polish their skills and boost-up their confidence. The society frequently organizes Gig nights, Annual concerts, DJ nights, Sufi nights, Qawalee nights, and singing competitions which includes Voice of UCP and Battle of Bands. Plektra also aims to provide music workshops on improving instrument-playing skills, vocals and helping people exploring their genres. Students are also offered talent base scholarships. Additionally, famous musicians would be invited to talk about various musical genres such as Classical, Pop, Fusion, Sufi-rock, Pop-rock, Rap, Jazz, Trance, and others. The Society also fosters young talent through regular performances and jamming sessions.


    Muhammad Aqeel Anwar

    (President Plektra Music Society)

    Chaudhary Haris Mehmood

    (Vice President Plektra Music Society)

    Dr Syed Karar Haider

    (Patron Plektra Music Society)

  • UCP Psychology Society

    Psychology society aims to implement the psychology discipline in many ways in practical life to spread awareness among laymen regarding importance of many prevailing psychological issues. The main event of our society is the Mental Health Week, which is held once a year. As the name suggests, a Mental Health issue is taken up as a subject to be discussed thoroughly throughout the week in many different ways. Psychology society generously participates in external events as well. The society has also been invited to participate in the Mental Health Week held in different universities and never ceases to make marks of achievement through its participation


    Ayerra Butt

    (President UCP Psychology Society)

    Fatima Yashfeen

    (Vice President UCP Psychology Society)

    Momina Nayyar

    (Patron UCP Psychology Society)

  • Ride with Pride

    We empower women and make them independent by training them how to ride a scooty so they can face any difficulty of life with confidence without being dependent on anyone else


    Aqsa Arshad

    (President Ride with Pride)

    Mehrunisa Ahmed

    (Vice President Ride with Pride)

    Ayesha Riaz

    (Patron Ride with Pride)

  • Spice Junction – Culinary & Hospitality

    Spice Junction Society is a food-oriented society which provides food enthusiasts with a platform to exercise their exceptional talent of blending and harmonizing exquisite flavors among different foods. Moreover, we conduct food-based events like especially food festivals and encourage individuals to come forward to showcase their aptitude by exhibiting delightful delicacies and getting others to indulge themselves with a banquet.


    Areej Ijaz Ali

    (President Spice Junction – Culinary & Hospitality)

    Tabish Hasan

    (Vice President Spice Junction – Culinary & Hospitality)

    Junaid Ahmed

    (Patron Spice Junction – Culinary & Hospitality)

  • Society For Mechanical Engineering (SME)

    SME is a society merely made for bhi enhancing mechanical engineers’ co-curricular activities that would help them have better communication skills and take part in numerous mechanical related events all around Pakistan. SME shapes Engineers Personality, Character and changing their way of getting to a solution in whole lot of easy way


    Rana Sumair Ejaz

    (President Society For Mechanical Engineering)

    Umair Shiraz

    (Vice President Society For Mechanical Engineering)

    Umar Hayat

    (Patron Society For Mechanical Engineering)

  • UCP TakhleeqKar Society

    Takhleeqkar Fine Arts Society is the only Fine Arts Society of UCP which is The Door to numerous opportunities for artistic and creative minds. Our main objective is to bring all the ambitious young artists under one roof and provide them a platform where they can flaunt their talents to the world and get all the necessary exposure. In addition, the society also provides a safe haven where all students can meet likeminded peers, can engage and socialize with each other and can enhance their communication skills. We promote everyone on equal grounds and try to refrain from bias and inequalities as an artist is unique within him/herself. We try our best to be the prime example of a well-managed and developed society, and we’ll keep on promoting arts and crafts.


    Samra Abdul Wahab

    (President UCP Takhleeqkar Society)

    Mustafa Shahzad

    (Vice President UCP Takhleeqkar Society)

    Khizer Ahmed Zaki

    (Patron UCP Takhleeqkar Society)

  • UCP Adventure Club (UAC)

    The UCP Adventure Club will provide a platform for students to explore, from coasts to mountains of Pakistan and beyond. Promoting tourism not just within the state but also creating a better image of the homeland internationally would remain this club’s ultimate motive.

    Get ready to register yourself for exciting adventures


    Umar Farooq

    (President UCP Adventure Club)

    Zaynab Hashmi

    (Vice President UCP Adventure Club)

    Fahad Anis

    (Patron UCP Adventure Club)

  • UCP Health Club

    Health club aims to spread awareness in our community about everything that encircles the human health. We want to create a platform which delivers reliable information while being the center of health-related news and events. We aim to be the center of a collaborative effort in creating a healthier society.


    Khawaja Ihtesham

    (President UCP Health Club)

    Khadija Babar

    (Vice President UCP Health Club)

    Tehseen Riaz

    (Patron UCP Health Club)

  • Usher’s Club

    The main purpose of this club is to provide students a platform through which they can boost their personality, communication as well as management skills. Our club is team of professionally trained students who provide their services as event organizers.

    Furthermore, the club is the soul body to provide trained and well-rehearsed ushers for any/every major/small event, all at one station of action. Ensuring uniformity of ushers without any discriminations through their disposal from a unified channel is our priority


    Paras Aftab

    (Vice President Ushers Club)

    Wassi Hasan

    (Vice President Ushers Club)

    Syed Asim Ali Bukhari

    (Patron Ushers Club)

  • SKMCH Club

    SKMCH club organizes various programs for awareness of cancer and urge students/youngsters to do social work. We organize entertainment filled healthy events and allow them to participate in volunteering activities at UCP, in collaboration with Shokat khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital itself. Our vision is to represent UCP in outside world and to represent SKMCH in UCP & provide students opportunities inside as well as outside the university. Our goal is to spread awareness about cancer and urge youngsters to be part of our social campaigns and light the fire of empathy in their hearts urging them to be helping hands & be a better person in future.


    Javeria Fatima

    (President Shaukat Khanum Society)

    Nehal Sheikh

    (Vice President Shaukat Khanum Society)

  • Society of Scientists

    For the very first time in the history of UCP introduces the society of scientists. The main purpose of society of scientists to promote the research because research is the essence of science and it is the critical tool for navigating our complex world. The aim behind the society is to conduct seminars and workshops on scientific skills and visit different industries. Society of Scientists make a substantial contribution to the development of international scientific and technological cooperation within the framework of international scientific unions and associations. Society of scientists provides best platform for students to groom themselves.


    Ali Zafar

    (Vice President Society of Scientists)

    Dr. Shazia Imtiaz Nagra

    (Patron Society of Scientists)

  • UCP Sports Club

    Constructing a culture where the involvement in Sports is attended to the maximum extent. In an environment where healthy competition is promoted much effectively and abundantly.

    Where character development of our members gets nurtured by putting them through different experiences each and every new event brings with itself.

    USC prides itself in being that society that complies with all of these factors and much more!


    Aima Azmat

    (President UCP Sports Club)

    Syed Mohammad Abdullah

    (Vice President UCP Sports Club)

  • Association of Computer Machinery (ACM)

    Creating an inclusive environment and bringing together different talents in tech, to help members understand the workflow of real-time projects and improve their skills.


    Kaleem Sattar

    (President Association of Computer Machinery)

    Mohsin Sami

    (Patron Association of Computer Machinery)

  • NISA Society

    The objective of NISA is to incarnate in women the skills and strengths that are needed to stand up for one self. To show that strong, independent and empowered women make the future of society and raise the spirit of womanhood so that women have the back of other women in order to progress together. NISA wishes the women to develop a sense of self-worth so they can pursue their dreams and choices and influence social change for themselves in the society”.


    Bushra Malik

    (President UCP NISA Society)

    Kashifa Khalid

    (Patron UCP NISA Society)

  • Jehaad for Zero Thalassemia (JZT)

    Jehad for Zero Thalassemia Society has been recognized as the most vibrant society whose mission is to serve humanity. We aim to create awareness among general public & university students in particular about coping with a fatal blood disorder that has endangered thousands of human lives due to lack of awareness. Our society is blessed with many dedicated volunteers who care deeply about the motive of the society & it’s contributions in a fast-changing environment. We hope to grow into the largest network of volunteers united to fight against Thalassemia. It is with the selfless service of volunteers that our society would grow stronger.

    “We can not direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails.”

    INSHALLAH, that day is not far when thalassemia would be eradicated from Pakistan



    (Vice President Jehad for Zero Thalassemia)

    Kazim Ali

    (Patron Jehad for Zero Thalassemia)

  • Society of Life Sciences (SLS)

    Society of Life Sciences aims on sharing new scientific advancements, spreading awareness and covering wide topics that highlight Life Sciences and future prospects of the lifesavers. In addition, everything that means innovation science, encompassing a broad space to create breakthroughs is pursued by SLS. The head scratching entrepreneurship approach excelling competitions followed by annual Sherlock Holmes and Neuropedia hosted at TAAKRA are all the works of Society of life sciences.


    Azka Hasan

    (President Society of Life Sciences)

    Sadia Zia

    (Patron Society of Life Sciences)

  • The Entrepreneurship Club (TEC)

    The Entrepreneurship Club of UCP, an entity of the University of Central Punjab, seeks to create a culture of hard work, where people push themselves to the limit by getting smart and creating a new self in a fun and unorthodox manner, so they can make a positive impact in the world. Through dedication and commitment to hard work, TEC uses corporate polishing and hyper-productivity training, along with honesty and integrity, to create an intellectually stimulating environment for its members. The club also formulates strategies and regular sessions to set up the” Entrepreneurship Development Program” in UCP to inculcate entrepreneurial awareness amongst the youth and equip them with the skills, techniques and confidence to act as torchbearers of “Enterprise” for the new generation.


    Muhammad Ali Khan

    (Vice President The Entrepreneurship Club)

    Ms. Amina Rizwan

    (Patron The Entrepreneurship Club)

  • Marketing Executive Club (MEC)


    To bridge the gap between the students and cooperate world through marketing.


    to provide a platform to the students where they can learn, practice and build their terms with different companies, and businesses through seminars, meetings, discussions and internships.

    Moreover, we also focus on Digital Marketing.


    Fatima Chauhdry

    (President Marketing Executive Club)

    Ajwa Zafar

    (Vice President Marketing Executive Club)

  • Society for Electronics & Telecommunication (SET)

    Jawad Khalid

    (Patron Society for Electronics & Telecommunication)
  • Mosaic – Cultural Society

    Our vision is to unite the youth of UCP, representing different cultures of the country of 74 languages under single umbrella


    Muhammad Waqar Khan

    (President Mosaic Cultural Society)

  • UCP Law Society

    The University of Central Punjab Law Society equips students with the skills necessary to successfully pursue a career in law. It provides its members the opportunities to travel and socialize with a wide legal network. It is a great way to start a legal career, testing courtroom skills during study and to compete in national events. The society organizes events by inviting guest speakers from members of the legal community to speak on various topics of interest.


    Ibrar Ahmed

    (President UCP Law Society)

  • Tycoon – Ecommerce & Fintech

    Tycoon Society of eCommerce and Fintech provides a platform for all business minded students of UCP who strive to improve their skills in eCommerce to become elite experts of the field. We arrange seminars, webinars, workshops, Q&A sessions and many other activities to enhance the skills of our members for different domains and platforms like Drop shipping, Amazon, Daraz, Web Based eCommerce and many others

  • Young Economist Forum (YEF)

    The objective of Young Economist Forum is to setup industrial linkage with reputed multinational industries and other reputed universities for the diversified exposure of our students. We are also looking forward to arrange various workshops of some technical tools to equip our students with latest market and research needs. Finally, we will try to create awareness in our students regarding ongoing Economic conditions of our country.

  • International Crisis Chamber (ICC)

    The United Nations is a trademark of universal values, principles and morals- all set-in place to ensure humanity and harmony between the various nations and cultures of the world. In such a way, the UN works to propagate understanding, tolerance and acceptance of others in order to work towards the formation of a pluralistic global community. To this, ICC-UCP is no exception. This ICC-UCP aims to instil these very ideals in flourishing young minds through stimulating debates and various tacts of diplomacy, all with the objective of ensuring peacekeeping, harmony and an acceptance of differences. ICC-UCP will become a platform for young diplomats and future leaders to further broaden their perspectives and horizons and leave with a better understanding of what it takes to develop a pluralistic mindset.
    MUNs are an exercise in social entrepreneurship and are meant to cultivate social responsibility in the current and future generations, inherent to this skill of public speaking is the understanding that you have a responsibility to those leas fortunate
    May ICC-UCP, be the platform to change the world
  • Cyber Security Student Club – National Centre for Cyber Security (NCCS)

    Coming Soon

  • Rizq – UCP Chapter

    Coming Soon

  • MLSA – Microsoft Student Society

    Coming Soon

  • Rhymester – UCP Poets

    Coming Soon

  • Supply Chain Club

    Coming Soon

  • Analyst – Finance Professionals

    Coming Soon

  • Tax Awareness & Compliance Society (TACS)

    Coming Soon

  • Gaming Den – Computer & Mobile Gaming Enthusiasts

    Coming Soon

  • Shape Up – Physical Fitness Club

    Coming Soon

  • Paws & Claws – Pets Enthusiasts & Welfare Society

    Coming Soon

  • Wildlife Biology & Genetics (WBG)

    Coming Soon

  • Trendsetters – Grooming & Style & Dressing Etiquettes

    Coming Soon

  • Motorhead – Automobiles/ Car, Truck & Motorcycle Enthusiasts

    Coming Soon

  • Arcade – Newsletters & Publication

    Coming Soon

  • Pedals – UCP Cycling Club

    Coming Soon

  • Voltaire-IR & Economics

    Coming Soon

  • Ulrich’s HR Forum

    Coming Soon
  • Society of Civil Engineers (SCE)

    Coming Soon
  • Google Developers Club (GDC)

    Coming Soon

  • Rotaract Club

    Coming Soon

  • International Students Association

    Coming Soon

  • Nurture (Special Needs)

    Coming Soon

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