Societies and Clubs

  • Ushers Club

    The Ushers Club at UCP manages and organizes all the mega events like Orientations, Convocations, International Conferences, the Annual Concert, Cultural Fests etc. The club provides a platform to students through which they can shape their personalities whilst keeping in mind corporate culture and leadership traits. The club organizes symposiums and extensive training for personality grooming. Presentable, energetic and confident personalities speak highly of the grandeur of the Ushers Club.
  • Sports Club

    Sports are an integral part of the extracurricular activities at the University of Central Punjab. Some highlights of the sports agenda include league tournaments of badminton, basketball, cricket, hockey, soccer, table tennis. Apart from campus activities, students take an active part in inter university tournaments such as cricket, badminton, tug of war, table tennis and other physical activities. The Sports Club also provides the enrolled students with a semester long membership of the gym, swimming pool and other sports activities.
  • Nisa Society

    NISA is dedicated to women empowerment; a society that provides a platform for female students to showcase their talent. NISA is responsible for organizing functions and seminars mostly related to women. The glitz and glamour of the society is capsuled in the Fashion Bonanza. Furthermore, the society has joined hands with Shaukat Khanam Cancer Hospital and Pink Ribbon for the Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign. NISA has truly justified that hands that rock the cradle, rule the world!
  • The Entrepreneurship Club

    The Entrepreneurship Club (TEC) intents on providing a culture of intellectually stimulating activities such as the Harvard Business Case Method Competitions, Hell Week, the Rockefeller’s Executive Programme, Book Meets, Business model building and Mentors’ Week Sessions by Entrepreneurs from the different industries who come and share their experiences and advice participants on the critical issues that they faced while initiating a start-up. Here at TEC, we also have an intra-university HBS Case Study event, Olympus, and an inter-university event, Emporia. The model of the club focuses on individual members’ growth; with the executives collaborating and holding sessions on topics such as how to finance or make business plans.
  • Society of Life Sciences

    This society organizes multi-topic scientific conferences, seminars and training workshops focusing on Biotechnology, Microbiology, Biochemistry and Forensic Sciences for postgraduate students. SLS aims to strengthen industry academia linkages in the field of life sciences and encourages the students to participate in national as well as international conferences in order to explore the new avenues of the field.
  • UCP Adventure Club

    UAC aims to serve as a medium for students to embark on different adventures, satisfying their need to explore. From Muskhpuri top to as far as Naltar Valley, UAC wants students to realize and appreciate the beauty of Pakistan and drag them out of their cocoons to socialize in the real world and enter the natural realm with wonders waiting to blow their minds away. Life is filled with day to day problems, stress and activities, which is why UAC wants to lead you on the path of adventures that will make you appreciate nature. UAC proclaims:
    “Collect moments not things after all what is life but one grand adventure.”
  • Society of Law

    The University of Central Punjab Law Society equips students with the skills necessary to successfully pursue a career in law. It provides its members the opportunities to travel and socialize with a wide legal network, it is a great way to start a legal career, testing courtroom skills during study and to compete in national events. The society organizes events by inviting guest speakers from members of the legal community to speak on various topics of interest. The purpose of this society is to raise awareness among the public regarding the importance of law in society and to make them a law abiding citizen.
  • Performing Arts

    Dramatics Club

    Dramas, short plays, mimes and skits have been regular features of the Dramatic Club’s repertoire at welcome parties, concerts and other events held at the university. The basic aim of the UCP Dramatics Club is to motivate individuals who lack confidence. We inculcate confidence to succeed! The members of the UCP Dramatics Club perform on several platforms which motivates them to work and perform even better in the upcoming events. They work to convey a positive message to the audience through entertainment and highlight social issues present in our society. Through this platform, students gain confidence, improve their public speaking skills and learn to express themselves.

    Plektra Music Society

    UCP Music Society brushes-up the innate abilities of students in singing and music. Some prominent Pakistani pop-stars such as Atif Aslam, Mustafa Zahid and Gohar Mumtaz are the proud alumni of UCP. The society organizes regular workshops on improving instrument-playing skills in guitar-playing, drumming, piano, flute and violin besides inviting eminent musicians to talk about various genres of music such as Classical, Pop, Fusion, Sufi-rock, Pop-rock, Rap, Jazz, Trance etc. The Society also organizes frequent gig-nights, singing competitions such as the Battle of Bands, Voice of UCP, DJ Night, Sufi Night and Annual concerts.


    The Fine Arts Fraternity of University of the Central Punjab is a group of people who cherish art. Our areas of experimentation include: Calligraphy, Illumination, Sketching, Painting, Designing, Illustration, Fresco, Pottery, Sculpture, Puppetry, Conceptual Arts, Decorative Arts, Communication Arts, Crafts and all spheres of aesthetics. Takhleeq aspires to bring a fine coordination between subtle arts and sophisticated technology. We believe that scientists need a guiding light from fine arts to boost their creative nerves and artists need the helping hand of fine technologies to produce extra-special pieces of art by utmost use of latest tools and techniques and colors.

    Photography Club

    The UCP Photography Club covers all major university events and provides a golden opportunity to students who want to enhance their photography skills. The Club has also successfully organized photo walks in The Walled City of Lahore to showcase rich traditions and culture through the students’ own lens. The club also hosts an exhibition to promote photography among students.

    Media Club

    The UCP Media Club organizes activities like workshops, seminars and competitions based on arts and the basic domains of media such as journalism, film, drama, graphics, creative art, radio content, fictional and non-fictional writing, photography, videography, music and all other information and entertainment based activities. UCP media club keeps on organizing different events and activities to inform and entertain students. The club also provides coverage to mega events that are held at UCP.

  • Engineering Club

    Society of Electronics & Telecommunication

    The Society for Electronics & Telecommunication provides a platform for the students of Electrical Engineering to gain new insights in their field and to get a chance to enhance their practical skills as well. Students showcase their practical skills through intra-university as well as inter-university competitions at national level. SET encourages, and financially backs scientific projects undertaken by students and provides a forum where students and teachers collectively exchange ideas and information on scientific topics beyond the confines of the formal curriculum.

    Society of Mechanical Engineering

    This society works to promote the discipline of mechanical engineering by developing students’ interest in their subjects and applications. The society also provides opportunities to the students to participate in engineering events. It works to develop strong academia industry linkages by involving students and the faculty. SME also arranges industrial tours for the students and conducts seminars and competitions.

    Society of Civil Engineering

    Society of Civil Engineers aims to enhance the educational experience and to provide practical knowledge to members. Students are encouraged to participate in group activities that allow them to develop personal and professional relationships, learn leadership and organizational skills, and serve the community.

    Objective of the Society:

    • To enhance campus involvement through societies and organization
    • To enhance the interaction between the engineers and society and to apply professional ethics and norms of engineering.
    • To provide a platform for students to interact with professionals through seminars, workshops and conferences.
    • To have a variety of our of classroom learning, recreational and social opportunities
  • IT Club

    Association of Computing Machinery

    ACM is an international computing society dedicated to the advancement and development of all aspects of information technology. We have a student chapter here at UCP that not only aims towards the advancement of computer science culture and technology but also aims to train our members into computer science personnel who are ready to execute innovative ideas in order to improve their learning and knowledge and to apply those skills to create a better future. Our members’ qualifications range from technical expertise to gaming warriors and from developers to ethical hackers. Are you into programming? We’ve got local ICPCs for you! Are you into Gaming? ACM’s GAMER’s DEN awaits your arrival. Thirst for learning hacking? We offer workshops for you! Joining hands with the UCP chapter would not only make you a part of the ‘within-premises’ society but also make you a proud member to one of the largest existing computer science society. The IT adventures are much more thrilling than one can imagine and therefore, ACM UCP emphasizes on providing the best ways to keep the thrills coming!

    Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

    The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world’s largest association of technological professionals. IEEE strives to put forward its objective in advancing electrical and electronics engineering, telecommunications, computer engineering and allied disciplines-both educationally and technically.

    The IEEE UCP Student Branch is taking forward the mission of IEEE International i.e. fostering technological innovations and excellence for the benefit of humanity. Our vision is to make IEEE an essential counterpart of the global technical community. It aims to provide technical professionals anywhere in the world a broader platform to connect and to internationalize their technological contributions for the betterment of humanity.

    The IEEE UCP Student Branch, was founded in June 2006 at the University of Central Punjab, which organizes events that focus on electronics, communications, computer engineering, computer science & information technology. Volunteers of IEEE UCP are working tirelessly to make each event beneficial for its attendees as it expands their knowledge horizon; and to make the IEEE society a prosperous one.

    IEEE UCP has three ‘Signature Events’ which have always been organized yearly at the University of Central Punjab, they are:

    • Mindmation (Spring Semester)
    • Summer of Games (Summer Semester)
    • QuestEra (Fall Semester)
  • Debating & MUN

    Debating Society

    UCP Debating Society has established itself as one of the most prestigious debating societies of the country. It not only plans to instill the art of public speaking into its members, but also works towards intellectual development. This is the reason DEBSOC UCP has won numerous tournaments all over the country and plans to widen the circle of achievements to international borders. Debating Society conducts TEDx, Trilingual Declamations, Asian Style Parliamentary Debates and Youth Parliaments annually.

    UCP Parliamentary Debating Championship is considered Pakistan’s Best Asian Style Debate tournament which hosts more than 36 institutions from all over the country. The tournament is moderated by the finest speakers of Asia.

    International Crisis Chamber

    We believe that youth’s involvement at all levels of local, national and global decision-making is essential in order to achieve the goals of the United Nations and in making this world a better place. We wish to represent Pakistan as a responsible global citizen. We also believe that awareness of the International issues and knowledge of the global systems is the best way to learn from and improve the system in our own country.

    • To take the Vision 2030 United Nations objective and Pakistan Government’s 2025 objective.
    • To be a scaffold between the Youth and Policymakers of the world as well as Pakistan.
    • To be a suggestive body to the legislature of Pakistan on National and International issues.
    • To instigate dialogues with associated departments on the advancement of youth’s contribution to strategy making and social activities.
    • To encourage cooperation between youth and famous pioneers from diverse regions of the world and divisions of Pakistan.
    • To persuade the members to think on territorial, national and worldwide issues.
    • To concentrate on the territories which require prompt consideration of the administration trailed by activities.
    • To start a procedure to achieve correspondence and social amiability in the general public.
    • To break down the principle issues of the society in diverse strolls of life and to offer solutions.

  • Community Services Club

    Environment Protection Society

    The Environment Protection Society (EPS-UCP) deals with the human and natural environment and aims at using the resources of University in a way that trains students to protect the environment.

    EPS-UCP aims at training the students to mobilize combined forces of progress and nature for achieving a modern, environment-friendly, energy efficient and waste-minimizing society for a better present and future generation.

    Disaster Management Society

    The purpose of the Disaster Management Society at UCP is to train students and the community to cope with emergencies like natural calamities. Disaster Management Society is necessary for providing a platform within the university’s setting to provide the student body the opportunity to participate in managing activities for the resilience of communities. The membership of this society is offered on a voluntary basis.

    Inclusive Student Society

    The Inclusive Student Society (ISS) UCP is the first ever student community in the Pakistan that is run by both disabled and non-disabled students. The aim behind the society is to create mutual understanding and to ensure the idea of ‘oneness’ among disabled students as it shuns inhumane ideas of discrimination and paves the way to give due respect to people despite their disabilities or shortcomings.

    Catalyst Society

    At UCP, every student has to complete 65 hours of volunteer work. The Volunteers in Service-VIS department organizes volunteer campaigns for students. Other than the required volunteer work, students can continue their voluntary work throughout their academic tenure- for such students, the Catalyst Society was formed. This society takes up several activities related to welfare work inside and outside the university and also works in collaboration with other welfare organizations. Catalyst society takes on several activities during the whole year including the following, but not limited to:

    • Relief Works
    • Awareness Campaigns
    • Medical / Health Camps
    • Rallies and Congregations
    • Seminars and Lectures

    The areas of operation of the Catalyst Society are:

    • Literacy
    • Hygiene
    • Health
    • Gender Equality
    • Human Rights
    • Other Social Issues

    The students who become a part of this society continuously contribute towards the betterment of our society and help those in need. The efforts of the members of this society are highly commendable as these individuals sacrifice their time and effort for the greater good.

    Character Building Society

    The Character Building Society was formed by National Accountability Bureau (NAB) in various Universities. The club provides interactive sessions with well-known speakers at the campus. It also focuses on activity based events to involve its members to do volunteer work and to give them learning experiences. CBS inculcates a strict sense of self-discipline through personal examples, taking inspirations from social norms, ethical and religious values/ obligations. By doing so they aim to encourage students and teachers to discharge their obligations towards the community’s needs and expectations. CBS motivates students to harness their social, ethical and academic values in consonance with educational and cultural curriculum. CBS members are taught to act as whistleblowers against malpractices, corruption and related issues without any exploitative motive or design.

  • Health Care Society

    Jeehad for Zero Thalassemia

    JZT (Jehaad for Zero Thalassemia) is a non-profit, volunteer organization launched and maintained by the students of University of Central Punjab, Lahore. The programme aims at creating awareness amongst the university students in particular, and among the general public about coping with a fatal blood disorder that has endangered thousands of human lives, both old and young, due to a lack of awareness. The society hopes to grow into the largest network of volunteers united to fight against the disease. JZT’s project has been initiated by the students of UCP, and UCP holds the distinction of being the parent directory of this revolutionary and selfless movement. Many students from other universities have also shown eagerness to join JZT as a chapter.

    Health Club

    The UCP Health Club facilitates its members in the completion of their research projects related to formulation development, clinical trials, bioequivalence studies and other survey based research activities to highlight the health issues of the community. The Health Club promotes rational therapy by improving knowledge of the rational use of medicines among university students and public. It provides an opportunity to medical students to attend various training workshops and conferences related to various health issues that plague Pakistan. It is committed towards arranging seminars, events, symposiums, workshops and healthy competitive activities across various disciplines of health. FOP-UCP Health Club in collaboration with other national organizations arranges free medical camps for deserving patients at least once a month. Free medical checkup and medicines are also provided to patients who do not have access to proper healthcare. UCP Health Club celebrates various health awareness days like World Hepatitis Day, World Polio Day and World Pharmacists Day from time to time in order to develop a positive outlook on health.

  • Liberal Arts

    Literary Society

    The UCP Literary society promotes healthy reading and writing habits among students. The Society organizes an annual play based on famous literary texts such as Shakespearean Plays. This helps the students showcase their talent using the society as a platform. The circle also convenes once a month and each session comprises of a selection of a particular book in prose or poetry, followed by discussion on the author, chosen excerpts and important chapters. The sessions are conducted both for Urdu as well as English literature. The circle has celebrated speakers and renowned writers on its guest-list. The society arranges many other activities such as Spellathon, Free Style Writing and Essay Writing competitions which help create a healthy zealous environment for the young upcoming writers.

    Psychology Society

    This society implements the psychology discipline in many ways in practical life to spread awareness among laymen regarding importance of many prevailing psychological issues. The main event of our society is the Mental Health Week, which is held once a year. As the name suggests, a Mental Health issue is taken up as a subject to be discussed thoroughly throughout the week in many different ways. Psychology society generously participates in external events as well. The society has also been invited to participate in the Mental Health Week held in different universities and never ceases to make marks of achievement through its participation.

    Young Economist Forum

    The Young Economist Forum (YEF) is a student-run organization mandated to enhance the experience of students studying Economics at the University of Central Punjab. Aimed at students with a concentration in Economics, the goal of the YEF is to build solidarity within the academic community. The YEF provides students with a common interest in Economics the opportunity to engage and participate in the growth and improvement of the department. The main objective is to recognize the importance of economics in the preparation of a wide variety of professionals including those in business, law, journalism, banking, government and academia. It provides a platform for UCP students interested in the study of economics to interact with one another, exchange ideas, and develop the public understanding of important economic, social and political issues.

    Islamic Guidance Club

    The UCP Islamic Guidance Club provides a platform for students to learn about the true spirit of Islam. This club develops conscientious personalities who through their sharp judgment can distinguish right from the wrong. The club organizes conferences, symposiums, and interactions for students to develop their assertive attitudes.

  • Business Executive Club

    Marketing Association of Aspiring Executives

    The Marketing Association of Aspiring Executives helps students bridge the gap between the corporate and the academic sector. Marketing Association provides access to certain avenues like Apprenticeships, Corporate Training, Internships, Market Insights, Success Stories, Business Conferences, Seminars, and Industrial Visits. We help our members face the emerging challenges of business and technology.

    Ulrich’s HR Forum

    Ulrich’s HR forum (lead towards professionalism) is a platform designed to provide opportunities to the students of UCP so that they may network and interact with management and human resource professionals. The vision of the Ulrich HR forum is to develop student’s potential and enhance their HR knowledge by bridging the gap between academia and HR professionals. Several activities including training on time management, team building and public speaking are organized at UCP to develop linkages between academia and industry and provide the opportunity to the student body to learn from corporate professionals.

    The Ulrich HR club provides opportunities to the students to participate in training workshops, career counseling sessions, panel discussion on latest HR trends, webinars by eminent speakers, HR related case study competitions and networking activities.

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