• Media Hub

    Production House

    Housed in the Faculty of Media and Communication Studies the state-of-the-art production house is equipped with new generation media production facilities. Students benefit from the latest technology as they learn new ways of producing media content. The specially designed studio provides students with relevant experience and exposure in fields such as Television and Cinema.

    FM Radio

    The radio broadcast station within the Faculty of Media and Communication Studies is equipped with updated machines and technology and is the only radio station by a university in Pakistan that airs a 24/7 transmission.

    FM 92.6 UCP KI DUNYA airs formal and informal programmes based on infotainment, education, current events, radio documentaries, features, audio plays, interviews, talk shows and debates to keep the listeners engaged. By training students at the radio station we aim to produce talented radio jockeys, producers, audio editors, anchors and broadcasters for today’s media market.

    Non-Linear Editing Labs

    Keeping in view the needs of media education and industry, Faculty of Media and Communication Studies has established a non-linear editing lab equipped with 40 specialized computers to yield fast and meticulous results while working on video projects, post-production film editing and 2D animation. Our systems are installed with the latest applications making it one of the most effective NLE labs any institute or production house has owned up till now in Pakistan.

    The editing lab provides assistance to students working on projects related to graphic designing and visual communication during their undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate degree programmes.

  • Chinese Language Lab

    Recognizing the significance of CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor), University of Central Punjab has initiated Chinese Language courses in collaboration with Pak-China Chamber of Commerce & Industry as well as Chinese Universities. The Chinese Consulate General has donated a well-equipped Chinese Lab to UCP to cater to the demands of upcoming professionals and promote Chinese language learning. The lab provides Level-I and Level-II of Chinese Language certification according to Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK )standards.

  • Sports Complex

    University of Central Punjab facilitates the physical wellbeing of its community through a specifically designed Sports Complex that presides on campus. The contemporary gymnasiums provide separate spaces for male and female members .The sports complex also offers a 25 yards long, all-weather swimming pool with four lanes and a depth of 3 feet to 6 feet. Other recreational facilities include table tennis and foosball.

  • Cafeteria and Food Street

    There are a number of different food options available on campus. There are two cafeterias for students, a food street and an executive lounge for faculty members. The cafeterias are air conditioned and provide a range of snacks and meal options which are available to students throughout the day. The food street comprises of a canteen, barbecue options as well as a variety of different traditional snacks with a casual and lively atmosphere. The executive lounge caters to members of the faculty and staff during meal times. All prices are subsidized to ensure affordability and we strive to maintain the highest hygiene standards.

  • Student Shuttle Service

    A fleet of 12 comfortable buses travel along 8 routes through the Lahore city every hour. The administration department presides over the transport office and accommodates students and faculty members who want to avail a safe means of transport at nominal rates.

  • Auditorium

    University of Central Punjab auditorium acts as a nerve centre for all activities and events that take place on the campus. The purpose built auditorium has an advanced lighting and sound system and has capacity of accommodating 400 people at a time. It has been built according to international standards and allows University of Central Punjab to play host to a myriad of events such as conferences, speaker sessions, musical performances, theatre plays as well as national TV show recordings.

  • UCP Library

    Our library offers a wide range of reading resources in print and electronic media in order to complement what is taught in the classroom. It has approximately 40,000 text books in different disciplines and 2350 reference books that include a wide variety of dictionaries, encyclopedias, handbooks, directories, indices, Islamic collection and other tools that support research in all fields of study. To further assist students and faculty members in their research efforts a number of research databases have been made available such as IEEE, JSTOR, McGraw Hill Collections, Project MUSE, Taylor & Francis Journals, Wiley-Blackwell Journals including HEC online databases and other similar resources. The library is open during working hours at the university and provides a comfortable space where students can study individually or in groups.

  • Girls Hostel

  • Laboratories

    University of Central Punjab provides students with state of the art engineering, IT, pharmacy and science laboratories to complement their learning through experimentation and hands on experience.
    More information about the laboratories is available on the respective faculty page

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