Ideas Conclave

Universities are purposed to be incubators of new ideas and creative thoughts both inside and outside the classroom. In furtherance of this purpose, the University of Central Punjab launched the Ideas Conclave in 2020. The initiative aims to serve as an interface between leading thinkers, writers, academics, and accomplished professionals through a series of conversations, workshops, and roundtables to add breadth to our students’ understanding of the complex issues surrounding us. This platform shall also aim to serve as a learning aid for students, as we plan on holding sessions that are also in tune with their university courses.

The topic areas Ideas Conclave intend to cover in our sessions include but are not limited to; Intercontinental History, South Asian Fiction, Unfolding of new alliances in the Middle East, Local Government and Sustainable Cities, Constitutionalism in Pakistan, Entrepreneurship, Climate Change and Development and the History of Arts and Textiles in Pakistan.

Ideas Conclave started with its inaugural session in October 2020 via Zoom, hosting Pakistani author of In the Company of Strangers Awais Khan and Head of Education Initiatives at the Emirates Literature Festival, Tamreez Inam. Since then, more than 17-panel discussions, book launches and interviews have been organized as part of this series with guests from over 10 countries, including writers, journalists, diplomats and academics. The first edition of the Conclave ended off with a session with the Pullitzer Winning British Libyan author Hisham Matar speaking about his memoir The Return with the founder of The Writing Room, Mariam Tareen.

Ride with Pride

Ride with Pride is UCP’s initiative to empower and encourage the ladies to commute easily and independently. With this campaign, UCP wishes to make an exemplary initiative for every girl who faces commute issues and wishes to carry out day-to-day tasks independently. With this initiative, UCP has made booking a two-wheeler as easy and convenient as issuing a library book. In order to ensure the security of the female students, scooters are issued with a proper tracking system and a helmet.

With this initiative, Lahore shall be seeing more ladies of UCP steadfast in the mission to revolutionize the way they commute.a