The course of Multivariate Data Analysis will enlighten students about the application of statistics in management research. The first part of course covers the foundations of descriptive statistics, univariate & multivariate statistics, statistical estimation and inference using the SPSS package. The second part covers the structural equation modeling. In so doing the students will also learn the AMOS software. The course will also provide some deeper understanding of the inference theory in multivariate analysis. The concepts that are more thoroughly treated are: Multivariate normal distribution and statistical inference under multivariate normality, chi-square different test, multivariate analysis of variance ANOVA, MANOVA and ANACOVA, discriminant analysis, exploratory factor analysis, regression analysis, test of mediation, moderation, and moderated mediation using Hay (2013) PROCESS macro, confirmatory factor analysis, and structural equation modeling. The course is taught at an intermediate statistical level. The emphasis is on both the theory of multivariate statistics and its applications in multivariate analysis. The course assumes familiarity with basic concepts in probability and inference theory. Computer literacy is essential, as we make extensive use of the computer using statistical software SPSS and AMOS.