Main Theme: Contemporary Trends in Linguistic & Literary Studies

Faculty of Languages & Literature (UCP) is organizing its ‘1st National Conference on Linguistics & Literature’. The conference aims to encompass topics related to language and literature in diverse institutional, social & cultural contexts. It also offers an interdisciplinary platform for researchers and academicians to present and discuss the recent trends, innovations and challenges encountered and solutions adopted in the fields of linguistics and literature.

The conference includes oral/poster presentations as well as panel discussions/workshops.

Conference themes


  1. Recent developments in phonological, morphological, grammatical & semantic studies
  2. Perception, Cognition and Language: cross linguistic Perspectives
  3. Languages, cultures and literacies in the margins and contact zones
  4. Psycholinguistics of speech communication and interaction (linguodidactics ,   aphasiology; psycho-ling in engineering, military, & forensic psychology)
  5. Advancements in human-machine interaction and robotics
  6. Ecolinguistic policy and planning
  7. Mechanisms of Discourse analysis
  8. Prospects, challenges and expectations in Translation Studies.
  9. Language Documentation Practice as a medium for Maintenance and Revitalization of Indigenous Languages
  10. Scientific research and programs for teaching English to non-native speakers
  11. Teaching strategies and approaches for pupils with special educational needs
  12.  Language, creativity & entrepreneurship
  13. The impact of social media on language development
  14. Linguistic  studies of Qurʾān and Hadith


  1. Literature and Posthumanism
  2. Fiction of science & apocalypticism
  3. .  Film and Screen Literature
  4. Digital humanities & literature
  5. Issues in documenting Oral Literature
  6. Role of Literature in Promoting Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity
  7. Recent developments in eco-critical narratives
  8. Literary representations and censorship in the 21st century
  9. Culture and gender representation in contemporary/21st century literature
  10. Treatment of Migration, Neo-Imperialism, and Refugees Crisis in postcolonial literature
  11. Literature in translation
  12. South Asian literature in English
  13. Literature of the Muslim World in English
  14. World Literature in English

Note: (Other Related Topics will also be considered)

Important Dates

  • Conference dates:  1-2 June, 2023
  • Abstract Submission: 05-04-23 till 5-05-23
  • Abstract Acceptance: 10-05-23

Contact Us:

Ms. Fatima Urooj

+92 4225880007 Ext. 280

For Submission:

Note:   Selected papers will be published in the special issue of UCP Journal of Languages & Literature (UCP – JLL)