The University of Central Punjab offers degree programs that are demanding, broad and relevant to today’s professional needs. The medium of instruction at UCP is English for all degree programmes offered. Assessments are accepted in English only.

UCP Business School

Our newly restructured BBA and MBA program are designed to help our students to build more focused knowledge base and professional skills.

Faculty of Information Technology

FoIT shares the passion and objective of our parent organization, which is to serve the nation

Faculty of Engineering

The main aim of this faculty is to produce highly productive engineers by providing best possible academic facilities and environment.

Faculty of Art and Social Sciences

A conscious effort is made to make curriculum taught in variuos programs contemporary

Faculty of Pharmacy

Faculty of Pharmacy was established at the university of central Punjab in recognition of the vital role played by the pharmacist in the health care system

Faculty of Life Sciences

The faculty of life science (FoLS) seeks to realize the university’s mission by assuring their availability, excellence in teaching.

Faculty of Science

The aspiration to have an independent faculty of Science has been long-standing…

Faculty of Media and Communication Studies

The Faculty of Media and Communication Studies (FMCS) encourages diversity.

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Law marks the beginning of a new era in legal academia. The legacy of experience, achievements, aspiration and devotion serves as our…