1. I am unable to view my test/interview letter on my admission portal?
Ans. You can view your test letter on your admission portal after your admission application processing fee Rs 1500/- is paid and verified.
2. My degree(s) are not getting attached in the academic section?
Ans. To view the complete process of attaching your degrees, please click here
3. My O/A levels result is divided into multiple pages, and the portal only allows me to attach a single sheet; how can I attach my results?
Ans. Attach the result sheet that has your maximum major’s grades. It is preferred that such candidates attach their equivalence from IBCC. To know more click here
4. My admission application processing fee is not getting verified?
If you have paid the application processing fee in Albaraka Bank, the automatic fee verification requires 2-3 working days. You can also email us the picture/copy of your paid challan at admissions@ucp.edu.pk.
5. My tuition fee challan is not uploaded on the portal?
Ans. In case fee challan is not available on the candidate’s portal, the candidate should visit the Student Service Centre for verification of documents. SSC will then provide them with their respective fee challan.

6. E-mail of signup credentials is not received. I signed up through Yahoo ID?
Ans. It is advised to check your spam folder. If the problem persists, we recommend a candidate to sign up through a google account.
7. Why there is no preference for Masters?
Ans. Master’s is a specialized degree program and a candidate can apply only for one Master’s programme as per their previous educational background.
8. How can I search the URL etest@ucp.edu.pk on google?
Ans. URLs should be copied in HTTP bar rather than in any browser i.e., google.
9. Do I have to print and submit the admission form manually?
Ans. No, UCP does not require a manually printed form.
10. Where can I see my timetable?
Ans. The timetable will appear on the student’s portal once the classes will be scheduled.
11. Does UCP offer any degree on the weekend?
Ans. MBA Executive & M.Phil. Media & Communication are weekend programs. All other degree programmes have weekday classes.
12. Does UCP charge fee annually or per semester?
Ans. UCP charges tuition fee per semester, and it is divided into two installments.
13. What is the duration of one semester at UCP?
Ans. The regular semester mostly is of 32 weeks or four months.