2nd KANS Scientific Competition

2nd KANS Scientific Competition

The University of Central Punjab is pleased to announce that the Mustafa (PBUH) Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) based in Tehran, Iran. It intends to hold the 2nd KANS Scientific Competition in October 2021. As part of this competition, the University of Central Punjab UCP is designated as a ‘Pavilion’.  

As a Pavilion, UCP is identifying and declaring local challenges. KANS will enter these challenges into the competition.  

KANS will then invite the competing scholars, researcher innovators and scientists from all over the Islamic world to answer these challenges.  

You are invited to suggest 3 challenges from 5 thematic areas. These challenges will be evaluated by a UCP jury to be further presented as part of the challenge competition.

You are invited to suggest 3 challenges from 5 thematic areas. 

  1. Water, Environment and Energy 
  2. Health and MedTech 
  3. Information and Communication Technology 
  4. Transporation 
  5. Economics, Banking and Finance 


KANS is a scientific competition among scholars, university students, and professors (under 45 years of age) throughout Islamic countries. This event aims at finding the best scientific solutions to spot and tackle the challenges of society. A “pavilion” is a national or international scientific institution that declares its substantial local challenges and invites scientists and innovators from all over the Islamic world to answer the challenges. In other words, pavilions are seekers, and young scientists are solvers. Finally, the best solvers will be chosen and awarded by the jury committee.

The KANS Competition website can be accessed at: https://kans.mstfdn.org/

The last date of submitting challenges is: 2nd July 2021

You may apply for the 2nd KANS Scientific Competition at  KANS Registration Link