6th International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Business Management

6th International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Business Management

UCP Business School organized the 6th International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Business Management with the theme “responsible and sustainable business” being analyzed in the context of emerging markets. The conference featured 170 presenters and was attended by 250 participants.

In addition, the conference explored how the management community of emerging markets, could best support the development of sustainable innovation and responsible management in collaboration with policy makers, NGOs, media, and other stakeholders interested in the new roles. The conference provided a unique opportunity to network with the business community and international keynote speakers from France, Spain, Macedonia and Australia. Realizing the need to carry businesses in a responsible and sustainable fashion, ICIBM 2020 focused on key areas including International Trade and Emerging Markets, Governance Issues in Emerging Markets, Human Resource Management in Emerging Markets, Marketing, Advertising and Branding of Innovative Products, Leadership Innovation, Decision Making and Change Management, Business Education in Emerging Markets, Globalization Regional Integration, Productivity and Economic Growth, Financial Systems in Emerging Markets, Entrepreneurship in Public and Non Profit Sectors.

Among the speakers were Prof. Dr. Wafa Khlif; Professor of Management Accounting- researcher Resident Faculty, Dr. Ahmed Raza Bilal; Associate Professor (Head Postgraduate Degree Program) Faculty of Business at Sohar University Oman, Dr. Jeremy Philip Brown; Assistant Professor, Faculty of Business at Sohar University Oman, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq; Professor Finance and Accounting at IUBH University of Applied Sciences in Germany, Conference Chair; Dr. Faisal Mustafa, Provost University of Central Punjab, Conference Co-Chair; Prof. Dr. Ather Azim Khan, Associate Dean, UCP Business School, Conference Secretary; Dr. Rubina Tashfeen, Associate Professor, UCP Business School.

With this conference the University of Central Punjab has managed to shed light on one of the most important issues faced by the business world; the failure to develop value driven human capital. Hence it was concluded that the human capital needs to be socially relevant, responsive and creative aiming to transform society and business community in order to resolve the global challenges related to sustainability especially in South Asia.

Event Date6th & 7th January, 2020