A talk on the Political and Social History of Europe was delivered by Dr Paul Rollier

An invited lecture titled: “Political and Social History of Europe” was delivered by “Dr Paul Rollier”, CNRS Research fellow in France, at the University of Central Punjab on 3rd November 2022 in the Webinar Hall of the university. It was the maiden event of the “Voltaire Society” under the Department of Political Science and International Relations and the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.
The key objective of this event was to enlighten the students about the Political history of Europe, specifically the European Union, while focusing on the social and cultural perspective. Dr Paul started by explaining the war history of Europe while highlighting the main reasons why and how these European states were able to integrate so well into the form of the EU after all their conflicts. Following, he discussed the social and cultural values of European states. Then, he elucidated how they were influenced by the era of Enlightenment, The Protestant Reformation and the Invention of Parliamentarism. Afterwards, he briefly discussed the ideology and contribution of French Philosopher Voltaire, the person after whose name the organizing society is named, and how significant his ideology of efficacy of reason is.
The discussion was followed by a Q & session. The students and faculty members asked very well-focused questions, which Dr Paul appreciated and answered very diligently. In the end, the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Dr Khalid Manzoor Butt, added the closing remarks by thanking all the respectable guests, faculty members and especially the students for making this event happen.