Dr. Anytime

Dr. Anytime

The global pandemic has pushed the country into lockdown, urging the citizens to stay at home, which has made seeking medical advice difficult for the people as visiting hospitals puts them at risk of being infected.

In these times Volunteers in Service Department has introduced free online medical consultation services by the name of Dr. Online*.

The service operates on WhatsApp where the patients are required to send a voice note including their name, age, gender, body temperature, and blood sugar/pressure level (in case of B.P or diabetic patients) with a complete description of symptoms and a doctor will respond to all their queries.

The purpose of this initiative is to facilitate people during these hard times and urge them to stay home.

*Disclaimer: The diagnosis and resulting prescription(if any) will not be admissible in any court of law as they solely are going to be based upon your verbal description without any physical check-up or medical tests. Therefore, following the doctor’s diagnosis or prescription will only be at the discretion of the patient.