Evolution of ASEAN

An invited lecture titled: “Evolution of ASEAN: Lessons from SAARC and the Potential Role of Pakistan” was held at the University of Central Punjab on 28th June 2022 in the Webinar Hall of the university. The event was organized by the Department of Political Science and International Relations under the auspices of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. This event’s chief objective was to acquaint students with the importance and role of ASEAN in ongoing global politics and to make students aware of Pakistan’s potential role and contribution to ‘Connectivity Politics’.

The guest speaker for this event was Professor Bilveer Singh, the Deputy Head of the Department of Political Science at the National University of Singapore.

The distinguished speaker first provided background information on ASEAN, the most successful regional organization in the developing world. Then he shed light on the strategic objectives and aims of this successful alliance of regional states under ASEAN, including economic growth, social progress, cultural development and promotion of regional peace and stability. After that, he compared ASEAN and SAARC, i.e., unlike SAARC, ASEAN promotes mutual assistance and active collaboration of member states.

Moreover, he discussed the limitations of SAARC and the key reasons behind the success of ASEAN in today’s world. Lastly, he focused on South Asian states such as Pakistan and India that can play a role as a Peacemaker and Engines of Growth in South Asia by following the ASEAN model as it is a role of connector between states and non-state actors.
The discussion was followed by a Q & session. Mr Bilveer Singh answered the questions from students very well. In the end, the guest speaker was presented with a souvenir by the Dean Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.