FoMS, Department of Management & Entrepreneurship has signed an MoU with BRET Solutions Company

FoMS, Department of Management & Entrepreneurship has taken an initiative to foster the entrepreneurial culture at UCP in collaboration with BRET Solutions Company. Dean FoMS, Dr. Muhammad Athar Siddiqui signed an MoU with the company. Managing Partner BRET Solutions, Mr. Muhammad Nauman and Business Partner BRET Solutions, Ms. Tahira presented the key features of UMARKT application for UCP students. Speaking on the occasion, Dean FOMS shared that this partnership would help UCP-BRET support the budding entrepreneurs who are keen to start their entrepreneurial journey while studying at UCP. Both organizations agreed on the following scope of the understanding:

· Organising free mentoring sessions for UCP Students using the UMRKT application.
· Workshops for doing online business on the UMARKT application.
· Organising and sponsoring innovation-led competitions.
· BRET to enable entrepreneurship culture by providing consultancy services in mentoring, business planning, website development, product development, project management, and outreach to UCP students.