Industry Visit Report Mughal Labs and Mughal Eye Hospital Trust

Industry Visit Report Mughal Labs and Mughal Eye Hospital Trust

Industry Visit Report Mughal Labs and Mughal Eye Hospital Trust

Semester: FALL 2022

Department: Marketing Operations and Supply Chain Management

Organized by: Ms. Syeda Uzma Tahira, Senior Lecturer, FOMS


Brief Information about the Industry/Organization

Mughal Eye Hospital Trust:

Mughal Eye Hospital Trust is considered to be amongst those hospitals where all eye dis eases are treated under one roof and free of cost.  In this global world very few people become the guide line for others by their deeds and character, and remain alive in the history as a great social worker like Haji Bashir Ahmad Mughal (Late) and his brother Haji Nazir Ahmad Mughal (late) was the founder of Mughal Trust who have taken lead in this respect to serve the humanities to build a trust hospital. This noble cause was strengthened by their brilliant sons, Javed Iqbal Mughal, Mohammad Tariq Iqbal Mughal and Jamshed Iqbal Mughal, who gave the nation, a precious gift in shape of Mughal Eye hospital. With the aim of providing state of the art facilities for the poor humanities. Since equipment has been imported from Japan, USA and Germany, all patients are dealt equally with the latest technology.

Mughal Diagnostic and Research Labs:

Early diagnosis is the key to a successful treatment. With lab test rates increasing day by day, it has become difficult even for middle-class people to afford these tests. Taking social responsibility, Mughal Eye Hospital Trust took the initiative and started a modern, advanced lab by the name of Mughal Labs in February 2020 where more than 700 tests are being offered at non-profit, affordable rates to all. To extend its reach and efficacy, more than 25 collections centers have been established and free medical checkup in the form of Free Medical OPD has been started at more than 6 locations in Lahore. Early diagnosis and treatment lead to a healthy nation. OPD clinics providing free medical checkups have been started by Mughal Labs at 6 locations in Lahore in August 2021 so that no one remains undiagnosed. Specialist clinics are also being set up so that OPD patients are referred to the appropriate specialist if needed.

Brief idea of the Visit:

In order to develop practical understanding of students and to strengthen academia-industry linkage, an industry visit was organized to “Mughal Labs and Mughal Eye Hospital Trust” for BBA students on Friday,11th November 2022 at 10:00 am. The visit was organized by Ms. Syeda Uzma Tahira (Senior Lecturer Operations and Supply Chain Management). Students from Marketing, Operations and Supply Chain Department and faculty members including Dr. Muhammad Zafran (Assistant Professor, Marketing) and Ms. Faghia Mazhar (Senior Lecturer, Marketing) visited the labs and hospital.


The objectives of the visit were

  • To observe and learn the operations and supply chain management activities.
  • To develop understanding of service design, process strategies and capacity management techniques in healthcare industry
  • To have knowledge of process design, lab operations and productivity
  • To enable students to see management problems in a holistic perspective and to inculcate the spirit of free inquiry
  • To bridge the gap between academia and industry to facilitate future human resource development through mutually beneficial programs and activities including recruitment drives.
  • To develop constructive academic case studies from real time business practices and situations mutually, to facilitate the growth and development of both parties.
  • To discuss possibilities of future hiring, training programs and industry based projects by students and faculty.


Date: Friday, 11th November 2022

Time: 10:00 am to 12:00 pm

Venue: 294, Block H-3 Block H 3 Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore

Focal Person in the Industry:

  • Muhammad Usman Shams (Director Mughal Labs)
  • Col Mian Muhammad Asad (Administrator, Mughal Eye Hospital)

Activities During the Visit:

Dr. Muhammad Usman Shams received the students and faculty members at Mughal diagnostic and research labs. A detailed presentation was made to explain the company’s profile, process flow and activities. Students and faculty members were divided in two groups to visit different sections of the labs and Mughal Eye Hospital Trust. During the visit students observed laboratory operations, process flow, facility layout and design, quality management activities, inventory management, storage, patient data management and customer care. After the visit a meeting between the faculty members and Director Mughal Labs was conducted to discuss following areas of collaboration between the two organization.

  1. Faculty and student training programs
  2. Student internships and hiring
  3. Facility Visit
  4. Seminars and guest speaker sessions
  5. Projects and case studies
  6. Free Medical Camps by Mughal Trust

At the end of the meeting souvenirs were presented to event managers


MOU with the Mughal Trust was proposed by the Lab Director, Dr. Muhammad Usman Shams between UCP Business School and Mughal Trust.