International Symposium: Role of NAFS in Conceptualization and Treatment of Addiction

Department of Psychology, Faculty of Humanities & Social Sciences (FOHSS), University of Central Punjab has organized an international Symposium on 10TH (Thursday) November 2022 Via Zoom meeting on “Role of NAFS in Conceptualization and Treatment of Addiction”.

This Symposium was organized under the kind guidance of head of the Department of Psychology Prof. Dr Shazia Hasan by Dr Alia Asmat Associate Professor at Department of Psychology University of Central Punjab Lahore.

Substance use is considered significant worldwide public health problem (Owoaje, 2010) and known as social ill (Ubani, 2021) but the main causes and reasons of substance abuse is still unidentified. Number researches highlighted different aspects like impulsivity, curiosity, experimentation, low self-confidence, lack of assertiveness, indecisiveness, anxiety sensitivity, hopelessness and sensation seeking considered as the intrapersonal characteristics that can motivate a person towards initiation of substance taking behavior (Woicik, 2009; Chu Foo, 2012; Miles & Tucker, 2015; Thomson, 2020; Evans & Colder, 2021). Role of family and social environment is studied a lot and found a core of iniciation pr use of drug (Gisemba, Sindabi, & Obonyo, 2018; Shek, Zhu, Dou, & Chai, 2020; Kwan et al., 2020; Rafaiee et al., 2021; Coucouroux, 2021). How NAFS is contributing towards addiction or may be main cause is discussed by the experts.

Moderator of the session Ms Sana Majeed PhD schalor at Department of Psychology University of Central Punjab started the session by introducing our worthy guests Dr Fahad Khan a licensed practitioner,  and Deputy Director at Khalil Center USA & Mr Mugherah Luqman Head Tarbia Department at Riphah International University Lahore Campus. Prof. Dr Shazia Hasan presented vote of thanks at the end of the session.