Registration Fall 2021

Registration Fall 2021

Please note the registration for Fall 2021 is now open. All students, including summer enrolled students, are advised to register their courses for Fall 21 through UCP Portal by September 10, 2021.

As per the instructions by HEC, only fully vaccinated students (1st and 2nd dose) can register for courses in Fall 2021. Therefore, all students are requested to upload their NADRA Vaccination Certificate as proof on the student portal. The certificate can be obtained from

In case of any specific query related to vaccination certificates, please contact

Before registering, please check the course offerings and timetable, available at


To register login to your student portal and follow these instructions:


STEP 1. Verify your name

STEP 2. Click on the Academic Planning drop down menu

STEP 3. Click on Advising Registration

STEP 4. Click on Register for Term F21

STEP 5. Verify your regular course(s) limit

STEP 6. Click on Add Button to select your course

STEP 7. Click on Radio Button to choose section

STEP 8. Click on Submit Button to finalise your course and section

STEP 9. Your selected courses and sections will be visible on the screen

STEP 10. You can view your timetable after clicking on View Timetable

STEP 11. Verify your timetable according to chosen courses


For queries or registration-related issues please contact your faculty at the given address or visit the registration team during office hours


Faculty Name     Email IDs    Registration Team Office (Building C)
Faculty of Information Technology C-113
Faculty of Media & Communication Studies
Faculty of Management Studies C-114
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Sciences C-115
Faculty of Life Sciences
Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences C-116
Faculty of Pharmacy
Faculty of Engineering C-104

Please note:
All students who were not registered for the previous regular semester(s) are requested to visit the Student Service Centre.