Rehnumai Markaz Initiative

Rehnumai Markaz Initiative

Punjab Higher Education Commission has an initiative as “Rehnumai Markaz” for the students to help them to explore various opportunities like Admissions in Public Private Sector Universities, National and International Scholarships, Entrepreneurship, Career Counselling related information on a single platform i.e. Rehnumai Markaz website:

The website would guide students on number of areas including academic programs being offered by universities and information on admissions, scholarships, financial aids, career prospects and openings in various fields. It also provides tutorials on various soft-skills development, including, stress management, mental health and wellness.

with PHEC has also sensitized students about the Web Portal ( that PHEC has established to facilitate students about higher education especially in following areas:

  • Programs and admissions in public and private sector universities.
  • Financial opportunities (Scholarships, Financial aids, Entrepreneurship loan etc.)
  • Employment opportunities in various fields.
  • Guidance and tutorial on Soft-Skills development, career counseling for students etc.
  • Employment opportunities in various fields.
  • Guidance and tutorial on Soft-skills development, career counseling for students etc.
  • Other required information and counselling (Student wellness, stress management and mental health etc.)

Admissions and Program:

Students can search the programs of their intertest offered by various Public and Private Universities/Colleges/HEI’s of Punjab. Rehnumai Markaz website assists the students with a list of Public Private Sector Universities of Punjab which are offering the desired program. On one click student can explore the direct information of concerned University regarding their admissions criteria, fee, scholarships and deadlines etc.


In Entrepreneurship section, students are facilitated with the information related to loans and grants from public and private sector organizations from where students can opt for study loans when they don’t have the means to pay for their academic expenses. Once their education is completed, the loan can be repaid on an installment basis according to their income. Some organizations require them to pay a small amount during the study tenure e.g. NBP, Akhuwat Foundation, Kamyab Jawan etc.

Website also provide information on various opportunities and competitions by incubation/acceleration centers to facilitate new startups. Further, the lists of so many acclaimed organizations are present who provides the guidance on starting or scaling-up a small business for instance, SMEDA, Doing Business etc. Students can also get hands on updated information about freelancing platforms like e-Rozgaar etc.


Rehnumai Markaz furthers provides the updated information on various National and International available scholarships. Students can explore the opportunities and information and to apply for various scholarships beings offered by different organizations like HEC, PEEF, Ehsaas etc. Furthermore, list of various Public Private Sector Universities Scholarships is also available on RM website.

Career Counselling

Rehnumai Markaz promotes career counselling services for students across Punjab. Students can explore the various opportunities of job openings, career guide, improving soft skills resources and in this regard number of related videos demonstrations are available on RM portal.