The UCP Business School and The Entrepreneurship Club organised an Entrepreneurship Roadshow

The UCP Business School and The Entrepreneurship Club of UCP conducted Entrepreneurship Roadshow to promote entrepreneurship among students and provide a platform for them to pitch their ideas and receive feedback. The roadshow included guest speakers, workshops, and pitch competitions. The goal of the roadshow was to inspire and support students who were interested in starting their businesses and provide them with the resources and knowledge they needed to succeed. By participating in the event, students were able to connect with like-minded individuals, learn from successful entrepreneurs, and get valuable insights on how to turn their ideas into reality. Overall, the entrepreneurship roadshow was an excellent opportunity for students to learn about entrepreneurship’s challenges and rewards and develop the skills and confidence they needed to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams.

Dean Business School, Prof. Shafique Ahmed Uqaili, Head of Department, Ahmed Faisal HOD General studies, Khizar Ahmed Zaki Director Department of Student Affairs, Dr Amina Rizwan, Dr Shahzad Hanif, Prof. Talha Zubair, Faizan Khalid Director Takhleeq and external panel included Saad Sehgal CEO of Sehgal Motors and Ahmed Vaseer CEO of ingenious concepts participated as Judges for both rounds.