Workshop on Substance Abuse Prevention Skills

The Psychology department, University of Central Punjab Lahore, organized a Preconference Workshop on “Substance Abuse Prevention Skills” at the University of Central Punjab on 29th March 2022. It was held in the Psychology Lab of B-building at the University of Central Punjab. The workshop was held as part of the International Conference on Substance Use Disorders held on March 30th-31th March 2022.

The guest speaker was Dr Salman Shahzad, Associate Professor currently serving at the University of Karachi. He is a certified addiction professional. He is a trainer and prevention coordinator in substance use disorder prevention treatment. The workshop aimed to introduce the participants to the various prevention skills used in psychotherapy to help people with addictions and substance abuse issues.

In the end, Dr Shazia Hasan (HOD, Psychology Department) presented a shield and souvenir to the guest speaker. Certificates of Participation were also distributed among the participants