Join Your Dream Profession with Head Held High

Join Your Dream Profession with Head Held High

Everyone dreams. Not everyone finds the door to their dreams. You however can find your own key to the future you wish for at UCP. The University of Central Punjab is the place where you get to chase your dreams, enter your dream career, and conquer the world with head held high.

UCP is My Hatchery of Dreams!

Students live their passions and enter their dream profession at UCP. It is not just the educational opportunities that the University offers but also the endless possibilities present in its premises that allow you to explore the world.

What is your Dream Job?

Pause and reflect on the innate passions of yours. Is your life goal only to simply follow the lead of the world or is it to create your own path? Each and every one is destined for something but sometimes our judgment gets clouded and we get distracted. What you can do is to contemplate and take a dream job quiz and ask yourself the answers to all the core questions that you need to know before you choose a path.

I found my dream job at UCP, you can too.

dream-jobs-for-men-and-womenWe Believe You Can!

UCP shows you the right direction and inculcates the spirit of doing what it takes to follow your dream careers. You can find your dream job by finding out what you are really meant for and where your heart is.
The dream job is not just what is considered to be the most wanted job or the highest paid one. Sometimes it is what you belong with, where yours passion lies.

UCP allowed me to find my dream job. You know what’s my dream job?

You will definitely find your perfect job that will make you feel anchored. In our culture when we talk about job it is mostly about the career kids are spoon fed about since the very beginning.

At UCP I got to discover what is my dream job. Do you know what you want to do?

The students of UCP are today successfully placed at the well reputed places doing what the world considers to be the top dream jobs. Not only the education but the exposure at UCP provides students a chance to do more than themselves.
There is a vast range of activities you can do at the UCP Campus. The clubs and societies at the University help you engage in a limitless number of fun things to do that not only enable you to find your innate skills but also polish your potentials.
To find dream jobs after completion of degree programs is one thing. UCP is where you get to be at the dream jobs while studying. You have the chance to play different roles and perform in so many areas of interest.
The dream career is what you live and feel within your soul. Whatever that makes you feel alive is what’s your dream job. It is in living every moment of your experiences where you find your dream career. University of Central Punjab is where so many passionate hearts found their calling.
University of Central Punjab has a society or a club for every area of interest. Many of the societies have been coined by the students themselves. The freedom of expression and exploration at the University lets the students engage with their surroundings, challenge themselves and be the best their true selves.
The success stories of different students at UCP stand as the testimony that the dream jobs for men and women are not only what they do in the corporate world but also what they do to nurture their talents and passions.
If you jot down a dream careers list you will tend to focus on what the world approves of but UCP allows you to have a broader vision. Your dream job can also be something you love doing or what your hobby is.
When you begin to navigate through the opportunities at UCP you get many dream job ideas. University of Central Punjab holds within the key to enter all the dream jobs in the world with the help successfully running clubs and societies listed below:

  • Association Computing Machinery
  • Blood Donor Society
  • Character Building Society
  • Catalyst Society
  • Disaster Management Society
  • Debating Society
  • Health Club
  • International Crisis Chamber-UCP
  • IEEE UCP Student Chapter
  • Islamic Guidance Club
  • Inclusive Student Society
  • Jehaad For Zero Thalassemia
  • Literary Society
  • Marketing Club
  • Movie Club
  • Nisa
  • Photography Club
  • Plektra
  • Psychology Society
  • Electronics & Telecommunications
  • Society of Mechanical Engineers
  • Life Sciences
  • Takhleeq
  • The Entrepreneurship Club
  • UCP Adventure Club
  • UCP Club of Sports
  • UCP Dramatics Club
  • UCP Media Club
  • YEF
  • Ushers Club
  • Ulrich HR Forum