UCP Admission 2023: Everything You Need to Know about the Bachelor’s Programs

UCP Admission 2023: Everything You Need to Know about the Bachelor’s Programs

UCP Admission 2023: Everything You Need to Know about the Bachelor's Programs

Are you done with your intermediate studies and looking for a university to start your bachelor’s? Well, we have good news for you. UCP admission 2023 are now open, and you can enroll in any of your desired courses.  

Here in this article, you will learn everything about why the University of Central Punjab is the best choice for your graduate and post-graduate studies. Keep reading to find out.  

Undergraduate Courses at UCP  

There are many courses that we offer under the umbrella of different faculties. Let’s look at the various faculties and the BS programs that you can choose to study at UCP: 

1. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences 

You will be studying Doctor of Pharmacy of Pharm D or M. Phil in Pharmacy as your post-graduate studies. So, if your dream is to become a pharmacist, this is your program. UCP admission 2023 are open now, so enroll yourself right now.  

2. Faculty of Languages and Literature 

Do you plan on becoming a novelist or poet? Do you want to dig deeper into the world of literature? Faculty of Languages and Literature is offering BS and MS programs in the field to help you achieve your professional goals.  

You can choose to study: 

  • BS English Literature and Linguistics 
  • MS Applied Linguistics 
  • MS English Literature etc. 

3. Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Science 

The world is driven by technology, and choosing this area as your profession is a wise choice. UCP takes pride in offering you the best courses in IT and Computer Science. FOIT’s curriculum is targeted at the high-tech industry and contemporary trends, with well-balanced academic and practical courses.  

The programs include: 

  • BS Computer Science 
  • BS Software Engineering 
  • BS Data Science 
  • BS Artificial Intelligence 

In addition, the post-graduate programs include: 

  • MS Computer Science 
  • PhD. Computer Science 
  • MS Data Science 

So, if you are passionate about technology and want to explore this diverse world of opportunities, then choose any of the above-mentioned course and get yourself enrolled as UCP admission 2023 are now open.  

4. Faculty of Engineer 

The Faculty of Engineering is divided into three departments: 

  • Civil Engineering 
  • Electrical Engineering 
  • Mechanical Engineering 

The primary goal of the Faculty of Engineering is to develop highly effective engineers by delivering the best education possible in a productive environment. The Faculty built its infrastructure in compliance with Pakistan Engineering Council’s guidelines (PEC). 

You can choose to study any of the courses mentioned below as UCP admission 2023 are open.  

  • BS Electrical Engineering 
  • BS Civil Engineering 
  • BS Mechanical Engineering 

And you can also opt for the master’s programs in the above-mentioned fields.  

5. Faculty of Media and Mass Communication  

UCP admission 2023 are open and so is your chance to live your dream of studying media and mass communication. In order to maximize each student’s potential for a future in the media and communication sectors, FMMC provides you with in-depth learning, industry-based skillsets, critical thinking, and creativity. 

You can choose from these courses: 

  • BS Media and Communication Studies 
  • BS Film, TV, and Digital Media 

6. Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences 

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (FOHSS) provides students with a scholarly, academically competent, and culturally diverse environment. The FOHSS provides a wealth of possibilities for studying a variety of disciplines, including Political Science, International Relations, Economics, Psychology, Physical Education and Sport Sciences.  

Our mentors are totally committed to encouraging students to think critically, analyze, and ask questions using a distinctive methodology that combines both conventional and cutting-edge teaching techniques. 

So, if you want to study Psychology or become an economist, UCP is the best place to be. Following are the courses offered by the faculty of humanities and social sciences.  

  • BS Psychology 
  • BS Economics 
  • BS Political Sciences 
  • BS International Relations 

7. Faculty of Science and Technology 

The faculty of science and technology is home to some of the most innovative and creative scientists and leaders. It guarantees excellence in education and research, and high-quality training for our students so they can succeed and be leaders in their professions on a regional and international scale.  

You will be studying the following courses: 

  • BS Biotechnology 
  • BS Biochemistry 
  • BS Microbiology 
  • BS Medical Laboratory Technology  
  • BS Food Science and Technology 
  • BS Chemistry 
  • BS Zoology 
  • BS Mathematics 
  • BS Physics 

8. Faculty of Management Sciences 

Is management your strong suit? Do you aim to work as a manager in the corporate world and run your team? Then it would be best if you chose the Faculty of management sciences. Here is the list of courses you can study by enrolling yourself as UCP admission 2023are open.  

  • BBA 
  • BS Accounting and Finance 
  • BS Business Analytics  

In addition, FOMS also offers master’s programs in business administration, accounting and finance, etc.  

9. Faculty of Law 

Become a competent lawyer at UCP by studying LL.b. under the supervision of the faculty of law. You will be trained to critically observe, solve ethical dilemmas, and serve the community.  

A mediation centre has been established on the FOL campus, similar to the law clinic and peace centre, to give a venue for pro bono services in negotiation, mediation, arbitration, etc. 

UCP Admission 2023 Are Now Open!!!! 

This is all about the bachelor’s courses offered at the University of Central Punjab. You can apply online or you can get admission by visiting the campus and avail yourself of the opportunity of studying at the best university in Lahore.