What Can You Do with a BS Physics Degree in 2023?

What Can You Do with a BS Physics Degree in 2023?

What Can You Do with a BS Physics Degree in 2023?

Do you love physics and want to pursue it as a profession? Then keep reading this article as we will elaborate on the scope of BS physics and its market potential 

Choosing the proper professional path is always a difficult challenge, especially for young students. So, it puts a lot of pressure on students and raises so many questions about the degree they choose to study. 

The reason is that only with the right degree can a student be successful and secure a promising future. However, if you choose to study BS physics, you will make the right choice, asit is one of the most challenging degrees in Pakistan and has a high level of employment.  

Scope of BS Physics in Pakistan 

As though you may not hear a lot of people pursuing physics as their profession because it is comparatively a difficult subject. However, the jobs and career opportunities for a physicist are great. 

So, if we talk about the scope of BS physics in Pakistan, there is a high demand for physics experts in almost every industry. Let’s look at the career options that you can opt for with a BS physics degree.  

1. Research Scientist 

Research scientists do a wide range of duties, such as running tests, writing up their results, supervising employees, reading other researchers’ work, delivering research papers, and more. Both the public and commercial sectors employ research scientists. In addition, there are positions available in businesses, institutions of higher learning, and governmental organizations. 

Salary Range: As a research scientist, you will earn around PKR 210,000 per month. However, with more experience, your income can go up to PKR 375,000 per month.  

2. Physics Teacher/ Professor 

If you want to work in academia, you can think about becoming a physics professor after earning a BS physics. Aside from educating students, you will have the opportunity to: 

  • Perform your own research 
  • Publish research papers 
  • Apply to peer-reviewed journals 
  • Attending conferences and so on.  

In addition, working as a physics teacher can be your best choice if you wish to instruct students but would rather have a less research-focused position. Even though teaching is not the highest-paying profession, physics instructors frequently receive a better income than other professionals due to their specialized training. Additionally, if you love teaching, you will find it to be a fulfilling profession. 

Salary Range: PKR 58,700 to PKR 230,000 per month.  

3. Data Scientist 

With a BS physics degree, you can work as a data scientist. You will be responsible for: 

  • Analyzing 
  • Interpreting 
  • Generating actionable insights from massive amounts of data.  

So, this profession is ideal for physics students with strong mathematical backgrounds. 

Salary Range:PKR 237,000 to PKR 563,000 per month. 

4. Lab Manager 

Lab managers are in charge of ensuring the efficiency and security of laboratory settings. As a lab manager, your daily responsibilities may include: 

  • Managing the budget 
  • Communicating and maintaining safety standards 
  • Taking inventory 
  • Assigning assignments 
  • Coordinating schedules. 

Salary Range:PKR 69,700 per month. 

5. Medical Physicist 

As a medical physicist, you will be able to use your understanding of radiology, radiation, and the human body to conduct research. Your tasks will also include: 

  • Creating treatments 
  • Advising medical practitioners 
  • Managing the use and administration of radiography, radiation, and related technologies. 

Salary Range: PKR 600,000 per year. 

6. Astronomer 

To understand the universe and how it functions, astronomers study stars, planets, the sun, and outer space. You will frequently observe using telescopes, write research papers, attend conferences, read the research, etc.  

Salary Range: PKR 2,092,554 to PKR 3,766,597 per month.  

7. Optical Engineer 

You can work as an optical engineer with a BS physics degree. You will create a wide range of optical devices and tools, including lenses, sensors, lasers, telescopes, microscopes, binoculars, and more.  

You will be doing this by conducting research and creating rough product designs that adhere to the requirements. In addition, your tasks will include working with manufacturers to make your ideas a reality, and testing and refining your products. 

Salary Range:PKR 2,957,045 per month.  

8. Aerospace Engineer 

Aerospace engineers create vehicles like satellites, rockets, as well as other spacecraft. So, as an aerospace engineer, you will design products and also analyze flight data, test those items, and frequently collaborate directly with clients to guarantee that the products match the requirements. 

Salary Range: PKR 49,800 to PKR 163,000 per month.  

BS Physics at UCP  

The University of Central Punjab offers an extensive course in BS physics. The program is taught by expert professors with years of experience in the field. In addition, you will be applying theoretical knowledge into practice in well-equipped labs. Thus, you will gain knowledge along with hands-on experience.  

Thus, choose UCP for your bachelor’s in physics and have the time of your life.