Our role

  • The role of the Marketing and Communications Office is to work in partnership with staff and student colleagues to raise the University’s profile and engage a vast cross-section of audiences in the markets in which we operate, from prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students and those who influence them, to the national academic community, funding councils and policy makers. We are also passionate about managing the University’s reputation by disseminating good news and engaging the media, policy groups and the general public to manage and mitigate reputational risk.
  • To promote the benefits of University of Central Punjab (research, education and all-round University experience) in order to attract and recruit the most able and motivated students and staff from around the world through;
  • · Developing, implementing and evolving a brand marketing strategy, and marketing plan, aligned with the University’s Strategy, to help meet regional market changes and challenges, and differentiate University of Central Punjab from its institutional competitors, and
  • · Providing strategic marketing advice, guidance and support for academic and support departments, research institutes and other units, as required and prioritized, to help achieve their agreed contributions to meeting the University’s objectives, including income generation, and to inform their planning
  • · We provide professional planning and guidance in addition to our project-management support in the areas of strategic marketing, media and corporate affairs and we advocate best practice in all internal communications within the University community.
  • · We’ll be also developing a central repository system for are kinds of marketing collateral, along with interdepartmental communications and functioning reports. This is to help and facilitate all departments and Human resources (old or new) at UCP to become familiar with the system easily.

Core Functions of our department includes:

  • Managing UCP website and social media, including working with website developers, posting regular social media updates and engaging with people on UCP social media channels.
  • Managing community and blogs, including creating a relevant editorial calendar, writing articles and working with freelancers to create content.
  • Running promotions, either on social media or at physical locations.
  • Overseeing media relations, including writing and distributing news releases, responding to media inquiries and maintaining a media kit about UCP company.
  • Managing marketing materials, including brochures, newsletters and other marketing collateral.
  • Finding opportunities for advertising, whether in print, on TV or online.
  • Handling crisis communications when an event threatens public safety or UCP company’s reputation, such as an accidental death, a toxic spill or layoffs.
  • Creating and implementing an annual communications plan, often in conjunction with other departments.
  • Overseeing internal company communications, including internal announcements and training.