B.Sc. Civil Engineering

The B.Sc Civil Engineering programme at UCP provides a learning environment for people who have an interest in natural and man-made environments. The programme focuses on technical knowledge of design, construction, implementation and maintenance of several kinds of infrastructures. With studying real-world design problems, students are trained to develop feasible solutions. The faculty focuses on ensuring that students make the best decisions for their academic programme and future career success.


Each candidate for the B.Sc. Civil Engineering degree is required to complete successfully 133 Cr. Hrs. with the minimum CGPA of 2.0 on the scale of 4.0 as per the following detail:

  • Sr. No. Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1Civil Engineering Foundation Courses 28
  • 2Civil Engineering Breadth Courses 15
  • 3Civil Engineering Depth Courses 33
  • 4Natural Sciences 19
  • 5Computing Courses 02
  • 6Inter Departmental Engineering Elective (IDEE 09
  • 7Humanities Courses 15
  • 8Management Courses 06
  • 9Industrial Internship 00
  • 10Survey Camp 00
  • 11 Design Project 06
  • Total133

Road Map

  • Year 1, Semester 1

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1CEMT1013Applied Mathematics INatural Sciences3
  • 2CEME1013Basic Electro-Mechanical EngineeringInterdisciplinary3
  • 3CEME1011Basic Electro-Mechanical Engineering LabInterdisciplinary1
  • 4CEHU1013Islamic studiesHumanities3
  • 5CE1112Civil Engineering DrawingCE Foundation2
  • 6CE1122Civil Engineering MaterialsCE Foundation2
  • 7CE1121Civil Engineering Materials LabCE Foundation1
  • Total15
  • Year 1, Semester 2

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1CEMT1023Applied Mathematics IINatural Sciences3
  • 2CECS1011Computer ProgrammingComputing1
  • 3CECS1021Computer Programming LabComputing1
  • 4CEHU1033English IHumanities3
  • 5CE1142Engineering Surveying ICE Foundation2
  • 6CE1152Engineering Surveying I LabCE Foundation2
  • 7CE1133Engineering GeologyCE Foundation3
  • 8CEHU1023Pakistan StudiesHumanities3
  • Total18

  • Year 2, Semester 3

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1CEMT2033Applied Mathematics IIINatural Sciences3
  • 2CEME2023Engineering MechanicsNatural Sciences3
  • 3CEME2021Engineering Mechanics LabNatural Sciences1
  • 4CE2162Architecture & Town PlanningInterdisciplinary2
  • 5CEMG2013EntrepreneurshipInterdisciplinary3
  • 6CE2172Engineering Surveying IIBreadth2
  • 7CE2171Engineering Surveying II LabBreadth1
  • 8CEMG2313Construction Engineering & ManagementManagement3
  • Total18
  • Year 2, Semester 4

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1CEMT2043Numerical AnalysisNatural Sciences3
  • 2CEHU2043English IIHumanities3
  • 3CE2212Strength of Materials ICE Foundation2
  • 4CE2211Strength of Materials I LabCE Foundation1
  • 5CE2181Civil Engineering Drawing & EstimationCE Foundation1
  • 6CE2182Civil Engineering Drawing & Estimation LabCE Foundation2
  • 7CE2412Fluid Mechanics ICE Foundation2
  • 8CE2411Fluid Mechanics I LabCE Foundation1
  • Total15

  • Year 3, Semester 5

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1CEMT3053Probability and StatisticsNatural Sciences3
  • 2CE3233Theory of Structures ICE Foundation3
  • 3CE3231Theory of Structures I LabCE Foundation1
  • 4CE3242Steel StructuresDepth2
  • 5CE3241Steel Structures LabDepth1
  • 6CE3223Strength of Materials IIDepth3
  • 7CE3221Strength of Materials II LabDepth1
  • 8CE3422Fluid Mechanics IIBreadth2
  • 9CE3421Fluid Mechanics II LabBreadth1
  • Total16
  • Year 3, Semester 6

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1CE3252Theory of Structures IIDepth2
  • 2CE3251Theory of Structures II LabDepth1
  • 3CE3262Plain and Reinforced Concrete IBreadth2
  • 4CE3261Plain and Reinforced Concrete I LabBreadth1
  • 5CE3432Engineering HydrologyManagement2
  • 6CE3431Engineering Hydrology LabManagement1
  • 7CE3512Soil MechanicsCE Foundation2
  • 8CE3511Soil Mechanics LabCE Foundation1
  • 9CE3612Environmental Engineering IBreadth2
  • 10CE3611Environmental Engineering I LabBreadth1
  • 11CEHU3053English IIIHumanities3
  • Total18

  • Year 4, Semester 7

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1CE4272Plain and Reinforced Concrete IIDepth2
  • 2CE4271Plain and Reinforced Concrete II LabDepth1
  • 3CE4442Hydraulics EngineeringDepth2
  • 4CE4441Hydraulics Engineering LabDepth1
  • 5CE4522Geotechnical & Foundation EngineeringDepth2
  • 6CE4521Geotechnical & Foundation Engineering LabDepth1
  • 7CE4532Transportation Engineering IBreadth2
  • 8CE4531Transportation Engineering I LabBreadth1
  • 9CE4622Environmental Engineering IIDepth2
  • 10CE4621Environmental Engineering II LabDepth1
  • 11CE4912Civil Engineering Project IDesign Project2
  • Total17
  • Year 4, Semester 8

    Sr. No. Course Code Course Title Category Cr. Hrs.
  • 1CE4201Design of StructuresDepth1
  • 2CE4211Design of Structures LabDepth1
  • 3CE4283Structural EngineeringDepth3
  • 4CE4452Irrigation and Drainage EngineeringDepth2
  • 5CE4451Irrigation and Drainage Engineering LabDepth1
  • 6CE4542Transportation Engineering IIDepth2
  • 7CE4541Transportation Engineering II LabDepth1
  • 8CE4924Civil Engineering Project IIDesign Project4
  • Total15

Total Credit Hours of theory = 100 Total Credit Hours of Lab = 33 Total Credit Hours of the Programme = 133 Non-Engineering : 30% Engineering : 70% Elective I: Professional Ethics, Entrepreneurship, Organizational Behavior Elective II: Disaster Preparedness and Management, Geo-informatics, Design of Structures

Admission Criteria

At least 60% marks in F.Sc. Pre-Engineering/ICS with (Maths, Physics & Computer Science/Studies) A levels with (Maths, Physics & Chemistry)/DAE in Civil Technology or equivalent.

Note: ICS background students taking admission in engineering programs are required to take an additional course in Chemistry in the 1st semester of their degree program.


The objectives of B.Sc. Civil Engineering Programme are a true reflection of the mission of the University as well as the faculty. They play a key role to foster a professional attitude and practice in the graduates along with enhancing their ability to pursue higher education. The objectives of our programme are to produce graduate engineer who can exhibit and apply engineering fundamentals, using up-to-date design and analytical skills for investigation and solution of complex civil engineering problems.

They should be able to demonstrate their engineering expertise in developing environmentally sustainable and economically sound solutions for the society, in a professionally competent and ethical manner. They should have the potential to grow professionally, as individuals and multi-disciplinary team members, through effective communication, managerial and leadership skills.

The construction Industry of Pakistan, Water and Power Development Authority and its allied departments, National & Punjab Highways Authority, Irrigation Department, Communication and Works Department, Planning Commission of Pakistan, Pakistan Railways, Civil Aviation Authority, Public Health Engineering Department. These are the departments which require Civil Engineering Graduates for the successful functioning of their Departments

Fee Structure

B.Sc. Civil Engineering (4 yrs, 8 semesters)

  • 1BSc Civil Engineering25,00014,87313320,03,109


The above-mentioned fee structure is for illustration purpose only. UCP reserves the rights to make changes in the Fee Structure whenever deemed necessary or appropriate.

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