Course Outline

  1. Probability
    Nature and Significance of Statistics, Sample Space and Events, Definitions of Probability, Probability as a Set Function, Conditional Probability, Addition and Multiplication Rules of Probability
  2. Random Variables
    Concept of a Random Variable, Discrete and Continuous Random Variables, Distribution Function, Joint Probability Distributions, Marginal and Conditional Distributions, Mathematical Expectation: Properties of Mean and Variance, Conditional Expectation, Variance and Moments, Moment Generating Function
  3. Probability Distributions
    Binomial and Normal distributions, Properties and Applications of Binomial and Normal Distribution, Concept of a Sampling Distribution, Properties of Sampling Distribution, Basic Concepts of Student_ t, F, and Chi-Square Distributions and Their Properties
  4. Statistical Inference
    Point and Interval Estimation, Properties of Estimators, Basic Idea of Interval Estimation, Interval Estimation of The Mean and The Difference Between Two Means, Interval Estimation of The Variance, Basic Concepts of Hypothesis Testing, One Tailed and Two Tailed Tests, Tests Concerning Means and Variance

Reference Books

  1. Hogg R.M and A. T. Craig. Introduction to Mathematical Statistics. Prentice-Hall.
  2. Levin, Richard I. Statistics For Management. Prentice -Hall Inc.
  3. Mood, A.M, F.A.Graybill and D.C.Boss. Introduction to Theory of Statistics. McGraw-Hill.