This course focuses on second language acquisition (SLA). It is divided into two parts. The first part outlines some general concepts concerning the field of SLA and the second part provides an overview of some of the most influential SLA theories. The aim of this course is to introduce participants to the major concepts and theories of SLA. By the end of the course participants will gain an understanding of basic concepts of SLA. They will be able to explore and evaluate SLA theories from the point of view of second language learners.

Course Contents:

  • Basic Concepts of SLA
  • Key issues in second language acquisition
  • Language, acquisition and learning
  • First language acquisition
  • Comparing and contrasting first and second language acquisition
  • Factors affecting first and second language acquisition
    • Social factors
    • Cognitive factors
    • Individual differences
  • Classroom language acquisition
    • Theories of SLA:
    • The Monitor Model
    • The Acquisition versus Learning Hypothesis o The Monitor Hypothesis
    • The Natural Order Hypothesis.
    • he Input Hypothesis
    • The Affective Filter Hypothesis
  • Cognitive Processes in first and second language learners
  • Universal grammar
  • Role of Universal Grammar in First and Second Language acquisition

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