English for Specific Purposes (ESP) was developed in 1960’s to respond to the wants of learners and employers. The emergence of ESP has been attributed to the demands of a brave new world, a revolution in linguistics, and a new focus on the learner. Under the umbrella term of ESP there are a myriad of sub-divisions. For example, English for Academic Purposes (EAP), English for Business Purposes (EBP), English for Occupational Purposes (EOP), and English for Medical Purposes (EMP), and numerous others with new ones being added yearly to the list. ESP has flourished over the past years because of market forces and a greater consciousness amongst the academic and business community that learners’ needs and wants should be met wherever possible.

Course Contents:

    1. Introduction to ESP
    2. Historical and theoretical perspectives on ESP
    3. Conducting needs analysis (setting general goals and specific objectives)
    4. Course and Materials: evaluation, design and development
    5. Assessment of evaluation of ESP programs
    6. Issues in ESP
    7. Approaches to text analysis (register, discourse, and genre analysis)
    8. ESP:
      • Academic Purpose
      • Business Purpose
      • Occupational Purpose
      • Medical Purpose
    9. Methodology in TESP:
      • Teaching reading and listening for specific purposes
      • Teaching writing and speaking for specific purposes

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