This course deals with the principles, design and procedures in the teaching of reading and
writing in ESL/EFL situations as well as in a multimodal world. The integration of theory and
classroom practice will be achieved via journal writing, sample lesson plans and micro-
teaching sessions. Key reading theories and writing approaches will be explored and discussed
vis-à-vis the course participants’ teaching and learning contexts. There will be a special focus
on helping participants to make the transition from the traditional print-based literacy to
multimodal-based literacy (reading and viewing, writing and representing) involving more
than one mode of conveying meaning – spoken, written, visual, gestural and spatial.

Course Contents:

  • Ways to assess students’ reading and writing skills
  • Techniques for teaching the vocabulary skills required for effective reading and writing in the content areas
  • Strategies for improving students’ comprehension of content area reading
  • Strategies for improving students’ content area writing skills

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